2006 Fiduciary Duty News Stories

• • Supreme Court rules for DOI in royalty collection case (AP) 12/12/06

• • New judge assigned to Cobell trust fund case (Indianz.com) 12/8/06

• • Osage Nation, U.S. at odds over trust fund damages (Indianz.com) 11/27/06

• • Trust funds consultation meeting clarifies stalemate (Indian Country Today) 11/24/06

• • Oenga heirs sue federal government over lease (Indian Country Today) 11/13/06

• • Lack of quorum derails establishment of fund to sue the U.S. government (Independent) 11/2/06

• • Tribal trust claims face challenge from Bush (Indianz.com) 10/31/06

• • Native speakers push rural issue (Anchorage Daily News) 10/26/2006

• • Bush seeks dramatic changes to Cobell settlement. (Indianz.com) 10/24/06

• • Suit says millions are due in back rent (Anchorage Daily News) 10/19/06

• • Rough justice over stolen wages (The Australian) 10/14/06

• • Billions in payouts to Indians in jeopardy (Arizona Republic) 10/6/06

• • Osage claim upheld: Federal ruling favors tribe (Tulsa World) 9/23/06

• • Osage Nation wins major trust fund ruling (Indianz.com) 9/26/06

• • White House blamed for another delay in Cobell (Indianz.com) 10/3/06

• • McCain blames Bush administration for Cobell delay (Indianz.com) 9/15/06

• • Delaware Tribe Elders Committee to meet Tuesday (Barltesville Examiner-Enterprise) 9/12/06

• • McCain won't budge from $8B Cobell settlement (Indianz.com) 9/5/06

• • Plaintiffs in Indian case shift strategy (Billings Gazette) 8/29/06

• • Indian trust settlement under review (Rapid City Journal) 8/24/06

• • Trustee 'taking care of' Indians (Indian Country Today) 8/18/06

• • Pay up and heal this rift (Arizona Republic) 8/17/06

• • Meeting with tribal leaders a good start (Sioux Falls Argus Leader) 8/14/06

• • A judgment call: A law professor says removal of judge Lamberth from the trust case was "nothing short of a tragedy" (Legal Times) 8/7/06

• • Indian activist anxious to close book on huge lawsuit (Billings Gazette) 8/6/06

• • No more delays; settle Indian case (Seattle Times) 8/4/06

• • Bush appoints BIA leader (Baraboo News Republic) 8/4/06

• • McCain puts twist in Cobell settlement legislation Indianz.com) 8/3/06

• • Senate committee stops progress on Cobell case (Missoulian) 8/3/06

• • McCain races to solve tribal funds dispute (Arizona Republic) 7/27/06

• • Opinion: Indian trust is well-managed by U.S. (Seattle Post-Inteligencer) 7/27/06

• • Settlement appears close on Indian trust (Washington Post) 7/24/06

• • Bill may settle Cobell lawsuit (Missoulian) 7/24/06

• • Interior announces three public tribal consultation meetings to discuss regulations for Indian trust management (DOI News) 7/21/06

• • A quest for cooler heads in Indian suit against U.S. (Christian Science Monitor) 7/14/06

• • At U.S. urging, court throws Lamberth off Indian case (Washington Post) 7/12/06

• • Harper: Swimmer needs to face trust reform failures (Indian Country Today) 6/23/06

• • Kempthorne now faces Interior lawsuit (Washington Post) 6/12/06

• • Guest opinion: Congress needs to settle Indian account lawsuit (Billings Gazette) 4/20/06

• • Cobell discusses lawsuit against U.S. government over Indian trust income (Missoulian) 4/8/06

• • Woman describes legal fight for funds (Ventura County Star) 3/30/06

• • Editorial: Good riddance to Norton; take a different approach (Palm Beach Post) 3/15/06

• • Bush to look West when replacing Interior's Norton (Denver Post) 3/12/06

• • Norton to End 5-Year Tenure at Interior (AP) 3/10/06

• • Indian Claims: Pull a Number From a Hat? (Washington Post) 3/8/06

• • Oil drilling leaves holes for Navajos (Salt Lake Tribune) 3/6/06

• • Tribes seek better approach to trust reform initiative (Indianz.com) 3/3/06

• • Interior Dept. playing hardball with tribes, UM prof. says (Montana Kaimin Online) 2/28/06

• • Cobell blasts Bush for blaming BIA cut on lawsuit (Indianz.com) 2/24/06

• • Judge advances Chippewa trust mismanagement case (Indianz.com) 2/23/06

• • Native American Rights Fund: Court decision is stunning victory (Native American Times) 2/21/06

• • Lawmaker opposes use of tribal funds (Oklahoman) 2/4/06

• • Tribes angered by budget cuts (Argus Leader) 2/3/06

• • Bush punishes BIA budget to pay for Cobell (Indianz.com) 2/2/06

• • Tribal leaders continue the push for trust reform (Bismarck Tribune) 1/31/06

• • Tribes may get $10.5M in settlement (Jackson Hole Star-Tribune) 1/28/06

• • Tribal leaders question Burns' priorities (Billings Gazette) 1/17/06

• • From gas, oil: The tribe accuses the state of misspending tens of millions of dollars (Salt Lake Tribune) 1/12/06

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