2008 Fiduciary Duty News Stories

• • Cobell asks court to speed up appeal of $455.6M ruling (Indianz.com) 12/10/08

• • Government files first brief in Navajo trust case (Indianz.com) 12/3/08

• • Appeal granted for Cobell historical accounting (Indianz.com) 11/21/08

• • Voice of the voiceless: Elouise Cobell's lawsuit provides warning to us all (Tributary) 11/6/08

• • Supreme Court to hear Navajo Nation trust case (Indianz.com) 10/1/08

• • Government seeks appeal of Indian trust case (Associated Press) 9/19/08

• • Indians' suit against feds heads into its 13th year (Desert Sun) 9/15/08

• • Federal judge grants appeal of Cobell judgment (Missoulian) 9/9/08

• • Court: Start poring through 50 years of records or appeal (Deseret News) 9/5/08

• • Cobell judge assigned UKB trust accounting case (Indianz.com) 9/3/08

• • Cobell headed to resolution in appeals court (Indianz.com) 8/29/08

• • Judge to hold first hearing after Cobell decision (Indianz.com) 8/28/08

• • Native American Finance Officers Assoc. applauds Cobell's plan to appeal ruling (Golden Triangle News) 8/19/08

• • American Indians to appeal trust account ruling (Oklahoman) 8/13/08

• • Judge weighs next step in tribal trust lawsuits (Indianz.com) 7/25/08

• • Tribes to seek class-action status [NARF] (Missoulian) 7/24/08

• • Chippewa bands can't agree how to split multi-million dollar settlement (Minnesota Public Radio) 7/22/08

• • Judge to issue final ruling in Cobell case in August (Indianz.com) 6/26/08

• • Cobell lawsuit: Government owes tribal members $58B (The Journal Record) 6/20/08

• • Who'll take charge of Navajo fund? (Deseret News) 6/20/08

• • What Native Americans are owed (The Washington Post) 6/16/08

• • Judge rejects Osage Nation brief in Cobell case (Indianz.com) 6/13/08

• • House Resources hearing on Utah Navajo trust fund (Indianz.com) 6/13/08

• • What is owed to Native Americans? (The Washington Post) 6/11/08

• • Judge opens landmark trial in trust fund case (Indianz.com) 6/10/08

• • Bush seeks review of long-running Navajo trust case (Indianz.com) 5/19/08

• • Sioux urged to take Hills payment (Rapid City Journal) 5/4/08

• • Cobell claims to get a price tag this summer (Indian Country Today) 5/2/08

• • Law professors ask: Is trust still valid? (Indian Country Today) 4/11/08

• • U.S. government rejects a $58B Indian payout (The Oklahoman) 4/11/08

• • Cobell plaintiffs seek $58B for Indian trust beneficiaries (Indianz.com) 3/21/08

• • Judge limits Utah's role in managing Navajo trust (Indianz.com) 3/18/08

• • Cobell case moves toward resolution after 12 years (Indianz.com) 3/6/08

• • Challenging Indian land trusts (In These Times) 2/18/08

• • Damages: Is it Hoopa v. Yurok, Hoopa + Yurok or none of our damned business? (The Journal) 2/14/08

• • Judge calls Cobell historical accounting 'impossible' (Indianz.com) 1/31/08

• • House OKs bill to release state from role in royalties collection (The Salt Lake Tribune) 1/24/08

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