2009 Sacred Places News Stories

• • Indian tribes buy back thousands of acres of land (The San Francisco Examiner) 12/27/09

• • San Carlos Apache Tribe outlines its opposition to S.409 (Arizona Silver Belt) 12/23/09

• • Klamath Justice Coalition halts logging on Karuk sacred sites (Intercontinental Cry) 12/19/09

• • US court blocks huge gold mine project in Nevada (San Francisco Chronicle) 12/3/09

• • Feds acknowledge withholding permits for Arizona resort (KSAZ FOX 10 News) 11/26/09

• • McCain blocking USDA nominees over Arizona snow (Washington Post) 11/23/09

• • Group challenges Mt. Taylor listing (Albuquerque Journal) 11/19/09

• • Tribe scores a key win in fight over Cape Wind (Vineyard Gazette) 11/13/09

• • Nantucket Sound may get new status (Boston Globe) 11/6/09

• • Save the planet? Even the Indians have reservations (Wall Street Journal) 10/29/09

• • Feds must keep open mind on Rosemont mine (Arizona Daily Star) 10/27/09

• • Navajo puts Snowbowl vote on hold (KPHO Phoenix) 10/22/09

• • Iwetemlaykin at the edge of the lake, a state park is born (La Grande Observer) 10/15/09

• • Hatchery pipeline on Ute sacred ground halted for 30 days (Vernal Express) 10/14/09

• • Pioneering wind farm faces another delay, this time over Indian sites (New York Times) 10/5/09

• • Pipestone: A spiritual place (Minnesota Public Radio) 9/29/09

• • Sioux leaders work on Black Hills lands proposal for Obama (Rapid City Journal) 9/25/09

• • Tribal artifacts returned (Spokesman-Review) 9/25/09

• • Is time running out for sacred oak on UW-Eau Claire campus? (WEAU) 9/21/09

• • U.S. Government ignores public health dangers of sewer water snowmaking (Save The Peaks Coalition) 9/21/09

• • Eureka man pleads guilty to robbing grave sites (Times-Standard) 9/15/09

• • Tribal lands? importance endures even when members live elsewhere (Indian Country Today) 9/1/09

• • Tribes unite over the Black Hills (Indianz.com) 8/28/09

• • Fed crackdown puts tribal artifact dealers on edge (National Public Radio) 8/19/09

• • Magistrate wants progress in artifacts cases (Salt Lake Tribune) 8/18/09

• • Retired Monona pastor pleads guilty in South Dakota to archaeological trafficking (Wisconsin State Journal) 8/11/09

• • More treasures of Tse-whit-zen uncovered on Port Angeles waterfront (Peninsula Daily News) 8/2/09

• • Natives use Twitter to showcase sacred site (Indian Country Today) 7/30/09

• • Utah tribes oppose possible commuter station site (Associated Press) 7/22/09

• • City plows beneath Indian site for Sam's Club (Salt Lake Tribune) 7/23/09

• • National sacred sites day raises justice issues (Indian Country Today) 7/15/09

• • American Indian: Beheaded eagle was part of ceremony (Broomfield Enterprise) 7/14/09

• • Historical sites near U.S. border at risk for looting (Nanaimo Daily News) 7/14/09

• • Feds seize looted American Indian artifacts from Redds' home (Salt Lake Tribune) 7/8/09

• • Tribes? NAGPRA complaint against UMass moves forward (Indian Country Today) 6/24/09

• • Tribal members want greater protection for sacred sites (Southampton Press) 6/24/09

• • Government asks to dismiss Geronimo lawsuit (Fox 16) 6/21/09 A breakdown of the artifact theft charges (The Salt Lake Tribune) 6/11/09

• • 23 people are arrested or sought in the looting of Indian artifacts (The New York Times) 6/10/09

• • Federal court meditates on mining on places of worship (Public News Service) 6/10/09

• • Speaker Morgan disappointed with U.S. Supreme Court's denial of petition filed by Navajo Nation, several tribes, environmental groups to protect San Francisco Peaks (Targeted News Service) 6/9/09

• • SCOTUS ducks Ariz. ski dispute (KPHO) 6/8/09

• • Southern Ariz. tribe reburying bones fear digs (Indian County Today) 6/3/09

• • Mount Taylor TCP on hot seat (Gallup Independent) 5/18/09

• • Damage can?t be undone, say tribes (Wenatchee World) 5/18/09

• • State considers protection for Mount Taylor (Indian Country Today) 5/15/09

• • Commissioners deny firepit request (KBHB Radio) 5/6/09

• • Long process led to climbing-bolt removal (Nevada Appeal) 5/4/09

• • Court calls for names of religious visitors to Cortez Hills (Elko Daily Free Press) 5/2/09

• • Tribes look to Obama for protection of sacred peaks (Gallup Independent) 4/27/09

• • Preservation group lists most endangered places (New York Times) 4/27/09

• • Seeds of hope planted with USDA (Indian Country Today) 4/26/09

• • Tigua Tribe asks Supreme Court to hear border fence case (Indianz.com) 4/15/09

• • A boulder-climbing paradise, where sacredness meets sport (New York Times) 4/13/09

• • Judge rules against permit essential to Peninsula reservoir (Virginian-Pilot) 4/2/09

• • Longtime indigenous activists honored by IITC for their work to protect sacred sites (Indian Country Today) 3/25/09

• • Obama response awaited in sacred site case (Indianz.com) 3/23/09

• • Mashpee Wampanoag heritage protected (Cape Cod Times) 3/23/09

• • Highway 55 revisited: When the bulldozers came to Minnehaha Park (Twin Cities Daily Planet) 3/19/09

• • Put priority on respect for Cherokee heritage in runway expansion (Asheville Citizen-Times) 2/20/09

• • The Navajo Nation case, which the Supreme Court may soon review, and how it reveals the complex balance envisioned by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (FindLaw) 2/17/09

• • Tribes and environmental groups petition Supreme Court to protect sacred mountain (Read It News Magazine) 1/28/09

• • Tribal attempt to halt Nevada gold mine fails in court (Environment News Service) 1/26/09

• • Filmmaker telling a Native tale of resilience (Reznet News) 1/22/09

• • Sixty-nine graves of O'odham ancestors desecrated for border wall (Narcosphere) 1/21/09

• • Preservation concerns at Colorado sacred site (Indian Country Today) 1/13/09

• • Sacred site diverts expansion of runway (Boston Globe) 1/8/09

• • Snow-making fight goes to high court (Arizona Daily Star) 1/6/09

• • Indian stones to be protected at Turners Falls airport (Recorder) 1/6/09

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