2010 Health and Welfare News Stories

• • Oglala Sioux face federal lawsuit at tough time. (Indian Country Today) 12/28/10

• • Study shows that half of all reservation crime is not prosecuted (Great Falls Tribune) 12/14/10

• • Center for Disease Control to participate in listening/learning session regarding Indian health issues (North Carolina Department of Administration) 12/08/10

• • MLPA attempts to ban traditional tribal gathering along north coast (Indybay.org) 12/06/10

• • American Indians cheated (again) through denial of worker' s compensation (uPublish.info) 12/01/10

• •High court declines to review uranium mining case (Law360) 11/15/10)

• • Native Hawaiians face harsh realities in state criminal justice system (Indian Country Today) 11/08/10

• • A face for the USDA in Indian Country (Indian Country Today) 101/24/10

• • New Mexico awards $2.2 million for tribal infrastructure improvements (The GovMonitor) 10/19/10

• • Tribal leaders tell feds road funding needs a fix (Bloomberg Businessweek) 10/15/10

• • Iowa panel crafts bill addressing American Indian parental rights (The Des Moines Register) 10/14/10

• • APRN: Supreme Court won't hear Alaska tribal adoption case (Indianz.com) 10/05/10

• • Workers Compensation owed to Native American miners (uPublish.info) 10/04/10

• • Roubideaux: IHS reform and the Aberdeen investigation (Indian Country Today) 10/01/10

• • Alaska tribal adoption case will not go to Supreme Court (Alaska Public Radio Network) 10/04/10

• • Foundations' investment in advocacy pays off, study shows (The Billings Gazette) 09/28/10

• • Walker River Paiute Tribe receives federal funding for diabetes program (RJG.com) 09/28/10

• • Obama administration supports tribe in ICWA case from Alaska (Indianz.com) 09/22/10

• • UNM studies uranium exposure in Navajo mothers and infants (Indian Country Today) 09/21/10

• • Legislation will bring clarity to the Indian Child Welfare Act if passed (Indian Country Today) 09/11/10

• • Arizona Indian tribe wins genetic piracy case against university scientists (NaturalNews.com) 09/09/10

• • Campaign seeks to make Plan B pill available through IHS (The Char-Koosta News) 08/26/10

• • Senator sees 'gross incompetence' in IHS office (Rapid City Journal) 08/25/10

• • Dakota's largest hospital system launches effort to help serve Native American reservations (The Washington Examiner) 08/12/10

• • Improved government diabetes help urged (Indian Country Today) 07/28/10

• • Homeless Native Americans get federal focus (Indian Country Today) 07/06/10

• • Senate panel investigates Indian health facilities (The Chicago Tribune) 06/30/10

• • Grant program focuses on family (Indian Country Today) 06/30/10

• • Senate passes Tribal Law and Order Act (Keloland.com) 06/24/10

• • Senate Indian Affairs Committee approves Indian housing bills (Indianz.com) 07/01/10

• • Kaiser studies youth obesity in N.W. tribes (The Columbian) 06/03/10

• • Funds will let Yurok Tribe provide child welfare services to members (Times-Standard) 05/27/10

• • Health reform's uncertainties are even bigger for Native Americans (Crosscut.com) 05/24/10

• • White House unveils childhood anti-obesity plan (Indian Country Today) 05/17/10

• • Federal Law protects rights of tribal children (Indian Country Today) 05/07/10

• • In White Earth, breaking the cycle of domestic violence (Minnesota Public Radio) 05/12/10

• • Native leaders target drug, alcohol deaths (The Chilkat Valley News) 05/06/10

• • Health risks high for urban Native women, survey finds (The Anchorage Daily News ) 05/05/10

• • Bill would help Native veterans seeking low-cost homes (The Cibola Beacon) 05/04/10

• • Indian agriculture summit planned (The Lahontan Valley Times) 05/01/10

• • Ads target meth use in Indian country (The Farmington Daily Times) 04/29/10

• • Ojibwe tribes seek to co-manage all norhtern Minn. lakes (The Worthington Daily Globe) 04/28/10

• • Supreme Court asks for DOJ views on Alaska ICWA case (Indianz.com) 04/26/10

• • Alaska Native ICWA case considered a petition to watch (Indianz.com) 04/20/10

• • Tester introdues bill to cut BIA out of home site leases (Indianz.com) 04/20/10

• • Tribal insurance issues are sent back to lower court, again (Indian Country Today) 04/12/10

• • Dissenting judge says decision puts Navajos health at risk (Indian Country Today) 04/09/10

• • Field hearing focuses on Indian housing, veterans issues (Indianz.com) 04/02/10

• • 'Tradition is prevention; culture is treatment' (Indian Country Today) 03/27/10

• • Health care reform signed into law (Indian Country Today) 03/26/10

• • Senate Indian Affairs Committee to conduct hearings on the preventable epidemic - Indian Youth Suicide (US Senate Committee on Indian Affairs) 03/25/10

• • Native American Diabetes rate (Indian Country Today) 03/23/10

• • Senate Indian Affairs hearing on law enforcement hiring (Indianz.com) 03/11/10

• • NAIHC asks for funds to be reinstated (Indian Country Today) 03/10/10

• • Combating childhood obesity in Indian Country (LetsMove.gov) 03/09/10

• • Official: tribal children need healthy families (The Washington Post) 03/09/10

• • AFC announces the availability of $42 million in competitive grant funding for Native American communties and organizations (www.acf.hhs.gov) 03/08/10

• • Justice Dept. sends interns to Four Corners to spread word about radiation exposure payments (The Denver Post) 03/09/10

• • Senate confirms Rosebud Sioux woman to HHS position (Indianz.com) 03/04/10

• • American Diabetes Association applauds Senate's efforts to reauthorize special diabetes program (Interest Alert) 03/03/10

• • Natives praise Throne Speech's attention to slain, missing aboriginal women (The Globe and Mail) 03/03/10

• • Indian housing money cut (Indian Country Today) 03/02/10

• • Supreme Court says tribal member can sue Polson doctor, clinic (Missoulian.com) 02/22/10

• • 10 tribes take initiative to control health destiny (Indian Country Today) 02/15/10

• • Child care relief for Native American families in Nevada (Indian Country Today) 02/09/10

• • Tribal officials go door to door to assess storm damage on Indian reservation (The Rapid City Journal) 02/03/10

• • Obama's budget for Indians would boost health, cut housing (The Great Falls Tribune) 02/07/10

? ? IGR committee supports position of Congress, administration to reauthorize Indian Health Care Improvement Act (The Navajo Nation ) 02/01/10

? ? Session will examine crime in Indian Country (Rapid City Journal) 02/01/10

• • In drug war, tribes feel invaded by both sides (The New York Times) 01/24/10

• • Steve Ortiz Elected Vice President of Area Inter-Tribal Health Board (Prairie Band of Potawatomi Nation ) 01/12/10

• • Idaho tribe roots for passage of health overhaul (Northwest Public Radio) 01/05/10


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