2011 Culture and Tradition News Stories

• • L.I. medicine man wants IRS to sweat (NYDailyNews) 12/22/11

• • Navajo say U.S. sacked canyon for bones & art (Courthouse News Service) 12/21/11

• • NCAA blunder: changing North Dakota's tribal nickname (Time) 12/19/11

• • Ramapough tribe rallies to fight for 'right to worship' (MawahPatch) 12/14/11

• • Indian artifacts a tough sell for SOHS (Mail Tribune) 12/04/11

• • There when needed: Native Americans always answer call of duty (US Air Force) 11/17/11

• • Tribal members look to put UND nickname on ballot in effort to keep Fighting Sioux moniker (The Washington Post) 11/17/11

• • The Etiwan Indians have a long and rich history on Daniel Island (The Daniel Island News) 11/09/11

• • Historic burial site found during hotel excavation (IPR) 11/08/11

• • With a sigh, Senate repeals Sioux nickname law (Grand Forks Herald) 10/08/11

• • Battle over Indian logos revived in courts, legislature (The Journal-Sentinel) 11/06/11

• • Spirit Lake's lawsuit against NCAA could affect N.D. legislature action on Sioux nickname (Grand Forks Herald) 11/01/11

• • Tribe sues NCAA to let school use name (UPI.com) 11/01/11

• • Jawbone found in Columbia River probably historic (The News Tribune ) 10/25/11

• • Navajo Hipster Panties turn heads, cause legal stir (The Farmington-Daily Times) 10/18/11

• • Plaintiff for the Past (The New York Times) 10/17/11

• • Proposed eagle regulations stir controversy (Indianz.com) 10/12/11

• • Tribe targets hunting dispute (CDA Press) 10/12/11

• • Opinion: why I am occupying Wall Street (Indian Country Today) 10/11/11

• • Hudson Museum to send centuries-old Indian remains back to Arizona tribes (Bangor Daily News) 10/07/11

• • 205 years after Lewis and Clark stole a canoe from tribe, Clark descendents make amends (The Washington Post) 09/23/11

• • WMAT recipient of repatriation grant (WMIcentral.com) 09/19/11

• • Native American tribe defends fighting Sioux logo (Indian Country Today) 09/09/11

• • Cherokees push for right to gather plants in Smokies park (The Asheville Citizen-Times) 08/29/11

• • National Park Service prepares to return prehistoric bones to Oglala Sioux Tribe (Rapid City Journal) 08/12/11

• • Native American students file suit to prevent use of Fighting Sioux (Indian Country Today) 08/11/11

• • State exempts Indian tribes from some fishing closures, enforces others (FishRap News) 07/21/11

• • Remembering CU-Boulder's David Getches (Colorado Public Radio) 07/20/11

• • American Indian religious freedom in theory and practice (Indian Country Today) 07/01/11

• • Tribes land at Fort Vancouver (The Columbian) 07/17/11

• • Seafair Pow Wow follows the Bernie Whitebear Way (The Seattle Times) 07/16/11

In Memory of David Getches

• • Colorado's former dean dies at 68 (The National Law Journal) 07/06/11

• • California working to keep American Indian language alive (The Bellingham Herald) 07/11/11

• • Salazar announces $4.4 million in grants for historic preservation by American Indian tribes (Indian Country Today) 07/08/11

• • Native Sun News: White buffalo calf attracts national attention (Indianz.com) 06/20/11

• • Yurok Tribe calling for protest to exercise gathering rights (Indianz.com) 06/17/11

• • DOC and United Indians join forces to improve tribal religious programs for Native offenders (Indian Country Today) 06/15/11

• • UND nickname: N.D. House majority leader seeks 'heart to heart' meeting with NCAA (Grand Forks Herald) 06/14/11

• • GAO finds that Smithsonian Insititution may still take several more decades to repatriate Native American remains and objects. (PR Newswire) 06/13/11

• • Back-to-the-Earth food movement leads to more healthful diets (Indian Country Today) 06/08/11

• • Commission approves cultural grant criteria (Farmington Daily Times) 06/07/11

• • Five Tribes Story Conference scheduled for fall (The Native American Times) 05/31/11

• • Proposed $40 million bond for American Indian cultural center debated (Tulsa World) 05/13/11

• • N.D. board might mount challenge on Sioux nickname (USA Today) 05/10/11

• • Salazar names Barker, Farm to Native American Graves and Repatriation Committee (U.S. Department of Interior) 05/06/11

• • Operation Geronimo dishonors the Indian leader (LA Times) 05/10/11

• • Mashpee Wampanoag member files suit to fish (Indian Country Today) 05/04/11

• • NCAI releases statement on use of "Geronimo" as name for Osama bin Laden operation (Native American Times) 05/02/11

• • NCAA says no go on Fighting Sioux law (Grand Forks Herald) 04/20/11

• • Only Indians can use eagle feathers for religious purposes, court rules (NY Times) 03/30/11

• • Shows that defy stereotypes (The Wall Street Journal) 03/15/11

• • State Senate votes to force UND to keep Sioux nickname (The Native American Times) 03/14/11

• • Michigan: Indians have special fishing rights (Mlive.com) 03/14/11

• • Oregon tribes pursue first bison hunt in century (National Public Radio) 02/24/11

• • Israel, defender of Utes, dies at 69 (Cortez Journal) 02/15/11

• • Limit set for Native polar bear hunters under international treaty (Alaska Dispatch) 02/14/11

• • FCC will expand efforts to boost Native American radio (Radio Survivor) 02/13/11

• • Indian attorney dedicated to rights (Tulsa World) 02/11/11

• • American Indian leader praises Obama's first judicial nominee in Oklahoma (NewsOK) 02/09/11

• • The Mikkanen nomination and the White Man (theAtlantic) 02/06/2011

• • Tribes work with Fed on eagle feather ceremonial use (Indian Country Today) 01/31/11

• • Tribes return to hunt Yellowstone Park bison (The Billings Gazette) 01/23/11

• • Fighting Sioux nickname on the table this week (Grand Forks Herald) 01/23/11

• • Top ten Indian law stories of 2010. (Turtle Talk Blog) 1/3/11

• • Another fight on the Fighting Sioux (Grand Forks Herald) 01/10/11


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