2011 Health and Welfare News Stories

• • USDA establishes advisory board for Native American farmers and ranchers (Canton Daily Ledger) 12/22/11

• • Indian tribe turns to tradition to fight diabetes (MSNBC)12/09/11

• • Supreme Court approached on ICWA issue (Indian Country Today) 12/10/11

• • Indian hospital hit hard by loss of funds (New Mexican)12/11/11

• • Exposing and repairing the devastation caused by the Indian Adoption Project (Indian Country Today) 12/06/11

• • South Dakota Supreme Court ends boarding school abuse case (Indianz.com) 12/02/11

• • Administration pitches new rules to simplify home building, energy development on tribal lands (The Washington Post) 11/28/11

• • Study sheds light on diabetes among Native Americans (Well Commons) 11/26/11

• • Siletz Tribe tops $9 mil in giving (OregonLive) 11/22/11

• • State dental association seeks to work with tribes (Rapid City Journal) 11/19/11

• • U.S. Attorney’s office for the district of Montana announces the creation of the “Native Shield Initiative” (Native American Times) 11/19/11

• • Correcting the record on the Contract Health Services Program (Indian Country Today) 11/17/11

• • Siletz Tribe tops $9 mil in giving (OregonLive) 11/22/11

• • State dental association seeks to work with tribes (Rapid City Journal) 11/19/11

• • U.S. Attorney’s office for the district of Montana announces the creation of the “Native Shield Initiative” (Native American Times) 11/19/11

• • Correcting the record on the Contract Health Services Program (Indian Country Today) 11/17/11

• • Indians plan to protect health law at Supreme Court (Indian Country Today) 11/15/11

• • Tribal council votes to increases health care funding (Cherokee Nation News Release) 11/15/11

• • Statement of Associate Attorney General Thomas J. Perrelli before the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs (TMCnet) 11/10/11

• • Judge in Colorado weighs placement of Navajo Nation child (Indianz.com) 11/09/11

• • Native children suffer under a modern-day version of forced assimilation (MPRnews) 11/08/11

• • The long and honorable battle of the Ojibwe to keep their wild rice wild (Indian Country Today) 11/02/11

• • Governor's office calls NPR foster care report flawed; congressmen seek review (Rapid City Journal) 11/01/11

• • Senator Daniel K. Akaka introduces bill to protect Native women against domestic violence and sexual assault (The U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs) 10/31/11

• • Frozen HUD funds released to Cherokee Nation (The Cherokee Phoenix) 10/28/11

• • 'Violence is the norm' in sex trade (Star Tribune) 10/27/11

• • Part 3: Native survivors of foster care return home (NPR.org) 10/27/11

• • High court: state, not tribe, must preside over adoption (Star Tribune) 10/26/11

• • Part 2: Tribes question fostor group's power and influence (NPR.org) 10/26/11

• • Part 1: Incentives and cultural bias fuel foster system (NPR.org ) 10/25/11

• • Nike N7 grant offers healthy hope for diabetes prevention among San Carlos Apache Youth (Indian Country Today ) 10/26/11

• • Stuck in 'food desert,' Pine Ridge locals look to Subway to meet nutrition need (ABC News) 10/14/11

• • Cherokee Nation without HUD funds amid Freedmen dispute (Indianz.com) 10/11/11

• • New study calls for better reporting by Indian Health Service (Rapid City Journal) 10/01/11

• • Reimbursement issues plague Indian health (Argus Leader) 10/01/11

• • Notes from Indian country: the other 'good meat' is buffalo (Native American Times) 09/20/11

• • HUD witholds $33M from tribe: freedmen ruling prompts federal response on housing funds (The Muskogee Phoenix) 09/07/11

• • Better housing called key to better lives for American Indians (The Salt Lake Tribune) 08/30/11

• • US Treasury gives grant to help Native Hawaiians (The Native Times) 08/30/11

• • Tribe drops lawsuit against Nebraska over doctor (CNBC) 08/25/11

• • Court preserves Indian health care law (Indian Country Today) 08/16/11

• • Wabanaki, State of Maine, team up to stop abuse of Indian foster children (Indian Country Today) 08/15/11

• • Tribal rights hinder child support for mothers (NPR.org) 08/13/11

• • Did drug violence eliminate an 'uncontacted' Amazon tribe? (Time) 08/10/11

• • Senate hearing in Montana examines Indian suicides (Las Vegas Sun) 08/09/11

• • DOJ takes step towards addressing violent crime against American Indian women (ACS Blog) 08/04/11

• • Feds aim to combat family violence on reservations (The Argus-Press) 07/23/11

• • Okla. tribe looks to improve access to health care (Canadian Business) 07/23/11

• • Grocery truck brings healthy food to New Mexico pueblos (Indian Country Today) 07/14/11

• • A dam brings a flood of diabetes to three tribes (Indian Country Today) 07/05/11

• • Tribe sues Nebraska over doctor riff (The Columbus Telegram) 06/30/11

• • Natives targeted most for hate crimes (Indian Country Today) 06/27/11

• • Guest Commentary: what happened at American Indian boarding schools? (Denver Post) 06/23/11

• • HUD announces $18 million in grants to state tribes (The Rapid City Journal) 06/18/11

• • Cherokee Nation helps hundreds of families achieve home ownership (Indian Country Today) 06/09/11

• • State and tribes agree to explore abuses in child welfare system (The Quoddy Tides) 05/27/11

• • Washington ICWA passes (Turtle Talk) 06/01/11

• • Mom files lawsuit in Indian child suicide outbreak (Sign On Sand Diego) 06/01/11

• • Native American teenagers have legacy of PCB pollution (Environmental Health News) 06/01/11

• • Editorial: Menominee Tribe deserves praise for initiative (Green Bay Press Gazette) 05/30/11

• • Sen. Murkowski raises awareness of Alaska Native health disparities (Indian Country Today) 05/20/11

• • Boarding school issues tackled (Indian Country Today) 05/17/11

• • Yakamas encouraged to embrace active life to fight diabetes (The Yakima-Herald) 05/16/11

• • High court rejects quick review of health care law (Tri-City Herald) 04/25/11

• • In light of court rulings, Children's Services changing policy to work more closely with tribes (The Arctic Sounder) 04/22/11

• • Chemical reform urgent for people of color and low income communities (Native American Times) 04/14/11

• • New agreement between local tribes, Washington for federal child support (Juneau Empire) 03/13/11

• State court says tribes share custody power (The Juneau Empire) 03/09/11

• • Alaska tribes win adoption court case (The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner) 03/07/11

• • Aspen Institute launches center for Native American youth founded by Senator Dorgan (The Phoenix Business Journal) 02/28/11

• • Reasons for suicide amplified for Native Americans (The Billings Gazette) 02/20/11

• • State works to improve Indian health (The Billings Gazette) 01/08/11

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