2011 Intergovernmental News Stories

• • Minnesota court upholds Chippewa tribal ruling against gaming company (Post-Gazette) 12/21/11

• • Utes approach the Supreme Court (Indian Country Today) 12/15/11

• • Senecas formally agree to arbitration in casino dispute with state (Buffalo News) 12/12/11

• • Obama administration supports changing law to allow tribal governments to ask for disaster aid (The Greenfield Daily Reporter) 12/07/11

• • GOP sees expanded gambling as state budget solution (The Seattle Times) 12/05/11

• • If Obama is serious about American Indians, he'll offer more than eagle feathers (The Atlantic) 12/02/11

• • Obama: relations with tribes at turning point (Bradenton.com) 12/02/11

• • Fallin ignores deadline to name Native American Liaison (Tulsa World) 12/02/11

• • Secretary Salazar, Assistant Secretary Echo Hawk launch comprehensive tribal consultation policy (Department of the Interior) 12/01/11

• • Harper appointed to President's commission on White House fellowships (Indian Country Today) 11/27/11

• • Obama to hold third Native American conference (The San Francisco Chronicle) 11/22/11

• • Ruling in Duluth casino spat could mean millions for tribe (MPR.org) 11/21/11

• • State law challenges tribal autonomy (Indian Country Today) 11/17/11

• • Yakama fuel dispute continues (NACSonline) 11/14/11

• • State concedes tribal priority resulted in Harvey firing (Indian Country Today) 11/18/11

• • Obama to hold third Native American conference (The San Francisco Chronicle) 11/22/11

• • Ruling in Duluth casino spat could mean millions for tribe (MPR.org) 11/21/11

• • State law challenges tribal autonomy (Indian Country Today) 11/17/11

• • Yakama fuel dispute continues (NACSonline) 11/14/11

• • State concedes tribal priority resulted in Harvey firing (Indian Country Today) 11/18/11

• • IRS modifies rules for Indian gambling revenues (Accounting Today) 11/15/11

• • Canandaigua Treaty marks 217 years with celebration (Democrat and Chronicle) 11/12/11

• • Despite his casino objections, governor picks Little River Band chief for commission (Mlive.com) 10/09/11

• • Supreme Court ruling proves again that Indian country needs strong tribal judiciary (Indian Country Today) 11/03/11

• • Battle over proposed Spokane casino continues (The Seattle Times) 10/28/11

• • Tohono O'odham Nation wins legal fees in gaming lawsuit (Indianz.com) 10/26/11

• • Tribe, HUD reach agreement (The Robesonian) 10/27/11

• • Ten important tribal court opinions (for NAICJA) (Turtle Talk) 10/26/11

• • Federal Appeals Court sends Oneida tax foreclosure case to state court (Indian Country Today ) 10/24/11

• • Tribal leaders present united front to Congress (Indian Country Today) 10/13/11

• • Arizona tribal leaders lobby in Washington on budget cuts, regulations (East Valley Tribune) 10/12/11

• • Alltel's federal lawsuit dismissed after communications firm settles with South Dakota tribe (The Republic) 09/28/11

• • Federal appeals court upholds tax on cigarettes (The Wenatchee World) 09/28/11

• • Sycuan Indians want more land (NBC San Diego) 09/27/11

• • New dose of teamwork fights reservation crime (The Argus Leader) 09/27/11

• • Salazar reaffirms Obama administration commitment to Indian country (Indian Country Today) 09/23/11

• • Appeals court sides with Senecas (The Post-Journal) 09/21/11
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• • Governer establishes tribal advisor position to work with state's American Indian tribes (Lake County News) 09/20/11

• • Anti-Sharia movement's unintended consequences for Jews, Native Americans, and others (The American Muslim) 09/06/11

• • Noem, Thune receptive to more money for treaty tribes (Rapid City Journal) 08/23/11

• • 3 questions for Justice Alito about Native American concerns (The Atlantic) 08/21/11

• • Martinez to hold summit with NM tribal leaders (Las Cruces Sun-News) 08/21/11

• • Mark Trahant: real cuts to BIA's budget are taking shape in DC (Indianz.com) 08/22/11

• • Tribe mum on state-mandated donations (CDApress) 08/13/11

• • Senecas to formally accept Canandaigua Treaty payment today (The Democrat and Chronicle) 08/09/11

• • 10th Circuit rules for state in Ute Mountain Ute tax dispute (Indianz.com) 07/27/11
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• • Martinville sued by Native American tribe (WSLS10) 07/06/11

• • ATF and TTB accept $1.25 million cigarette Settlement (PRNewswire) 07/05/11

• • A new webpage for the Native American Community (The Native American Times) 06/30/11

• • Appeals court allows state to collect tax on Seneca's cigarettes (Democrat and Chronicle) 06/22/11

• • Prices fuel debate behind tribal gas tax exemption (The Yakima-Herald) 06/12/11

• • N.Y. Indian tribe wins stay after adverse court ruling (Convenience Store News) 06/09/11

• • Navajo judge appointed to tribal-state judicial consortium (The Farmington Daily Times) 06/08/11

• • Ruling expected this week in NY cigarette tax saga (PostStar.com) 06/07/11

• • Yakama sues feds for violations of treaty, consultation, TLOA (Indian Country Today) 05/26/11

• • Coalition of Large Tribes forms to aid big tribes (Indian Country Today) 05/24/11

• • Bill to abolish Indian Affairs Commission, create liason gets mixed reviews (Tulsa World) 05/22/11

• • Region: Rincon suit would limit state's ability to collect cash from tribes (North County Times) 05/21/11

• • Oklahoma Senate approves bill abolishing Indian Affairs Commission (Oklahoma's Own) 05/20/11

• • Indigenous peoples forum opens at UN with call to turn rights into reality (Modern Ghana) 05/18/11

• • Restraining order stops state from collecting cig taxes (Auburnpub.com) 05/11/11

• • Supreme Court holds states are immune from money damages under RLUIPA (Turtle Talk) 04/20/11

• • Republicans want to revisit tribal gas tax refunds (Seattlepi) 03/17/11

• • Supreme Court 2010 update (Turtle Talk) 03/16/11

• • Tax man eyes Indian tobacco sales (The Buffalo News) 03/08/11

• • How the UNDRIP can provide a stronger foundation for Indian rights in the United States (The Walter Echohawk Blog) 03/06/11

• • Bureau of Indian Affairs fails to investigate allegations of tribal and federal funds (Turtle Talk) 03/02/11

• • Denney cig bill angers Idaho tribes (The Spokesman-Review) 02/23/11

• • What is 'Plan B' for tribes during a government shutdown? (High Country News) 02/22/11

• • GOP bill eliminates funds for Office of Tribal Relations at USDA (Indianz.com) 02/15/11

• • The Mikkanen nomination and the white man (The Atlantic) 02/06/11

• • State tax on tribal tobacco still no sale (The Times Union) 02/04/11

• • USET Leaders Challenging Power (Indian Country Today) 02/03/11

• • Supreme Court dismisses Oneida case; Cayugas' case continues (Auburnpub.com) 01/10/11

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