2011 Sacred Places News Stories

• • Big Bear: tribe aquires sacred site (The Press Enterprise) 12/29/11

• • Hopis lose lawsuit vs. Flag (Arizona Daily Sun) 12/24/11

• • No ruling in snowmaking case (Arizona Daily Sun) 11/29/11

• • Courts consider two lawsuits over snowmaking at sacred site (Indianz.com) 11/22/11

• • US court revokes FAA approval of Cape Wind project (Indian Country Today) 10/31/11

• • Tangled in an ethics scandal years ago, land-swap bill now called a job creator (The Hill) 10/30/11

• • Bill so stop landfill on Pala Band sacred site vetoed by California governor (Indian Country Today) 10/18/11

• • Pala Band to continue battle against landfill near sacred site (Indianz.com) 10/12/11

• • Tribe battles BLM over Nev. gold mine in US court (Forbes) 10/07/11

• • Navajo commission holds hearing on sacred mountain (Native American Times) 09/29/11

• • Obama asked to stop Snowbowl sacred site desecration (Indian Country Today) 09/22/11

• • Quarry opposed by Native American tribe rejected by county (Aggregate Research) 09/16/11

• • Hopi Tribe rallies against the city of Flagstaff (The Navajo-Hopi Observer) 09/07/11

• • CA city, tribe, ecologists fight proposed quarry (Bloomerg Business Week) 08/31/11

• • Liberty Quarry up for a key vote (KPBS) 08/31/11

• • Hopis sue Flagstaff over water for snowmaking deal (AZ Capitol Times) 08/29/11

• • Activists protest ski resort expansion (Press Display) 08/26/11

• • Why the Sioux are refusing $1.3 billion (PBS News) 08/24/11

• • Hopi Tribe sues Flagstaff over snowmaking (AZ Daily Sun) 08/24/11

• • More people arrested at Snowbowl protest (kpho.com) 08/15/11

• • Protesters arrested after blocking road to Snowbowl (Navajo Times) 08/09/11

• • Sacred site preserved but ceremonies affected (Indian Country Today) 08/03/11

• • Tribes: wind plan may interfere with sacred ceremonies (renewablesbiz.com) 07/31/11

• • Vallejo festival celebrates tribe's park victory (The San Francisco Chronicle) 07/31/11

• • Bill promotes Chimney Rock (The Cortez Journal) 07/23/11

• • Federal court finds in favor of Karuk Tribe, halts forest work (Indian Country Today) 07/22/11

• • Natives say Forest Service broke rules, Obama administration asked to investigate (Indian Country Today) 07/11/11

• • Martha's Vinyard tribe eyes Cape Wind lawsuit (The Boston Herald) 07/09/11

• • Pechanga sacred site gets another public hearing (Indian Country Today) 06/28/11

• • Boulder County OK's cleanup plan for Valmont Butte (The Colorado Daily) 06/27/11

• • Sacred sites - concern extends across Indian country (Indian Country Today) 06/20/11

• • Cape Wind opponents win legal victory (Indian Country Today) 06/20/11

• • Navajo human rights official testifies how the UNDRIP will fill gap in U.S. Policy (The Native American Times) 06/10/11

• • Rep. Tipton announces plan to make Chimney Rock a national monument (The Denver Post) 06/10/11

• • Vallejo: Tribes propose Glen Cove fix (Mercury News) 06/01/11

• • Sacred sites policies in conflict? (Indian Country Today) 05/23/11

• • Mercer: Will an oil field be tipping point for Bear Butte? (American News) 05/13/11

• • Pechange band says quarry mine will destroy sacred site (Indianz.com) 04/27/11

• • Calif tribe files lawsuit to protect ancient maze (The San Francisco Chronicle) 03/03/11

• • Cape Wind's critics file new appeal of offshore wind farm (The Patriot Ledger) 02/15/11

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