2011 Tribal Government News Stories

• • Bureau of Indian Affairs to stay out of Chukchansi election dispute (Fresno Bee) 12/28/11

• • The shrinking nature of government could be an opportunity for Indian Country (OregonLive) 11/19/11

• • Rift among United Auborn tribe members escalates (The Sacramento Bee) 11/19/11

• • Seneca president, Tribal Council, repair rift (Buffalo News) 11/17/11

• • Native American tribes demand equal footing, sovereignty if Internet gambling allowed in US (The Daily Reporter) 11/17/11

• • Seneca councillors oust Porter as CEO (Buffalo News) 11/12/11

• • Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe elects new governing council (Midland Daily News) 11/09/11

• • Crittenden elected to NCAI VP (The Native American Times) 11/09/11

• • Thunder Valley Casino owner's Indian tribal council faces recall (Auburn Journal) 11/08/11

• • Navajo Nation to issue ID cards (The Farmington Daily Times) 11/02/11

• • Umatilla protesters camp outside tribal building (The Native American Times) 10/28/11

• • Incumbent moves to stop inauguration of newly elected Cherokee Chief (Edmondsun.com) 10/18/11

• • Cherokee election commission set to certify results this afternoon (Tulsa World) 10/12/11

• • NITA conference offers strategies for navigating Indian tax country (Indian Country Today) 10/04/11

• • US government, tribe settle debt lawsuits (NBC-KDLT) 09/28/11

• • Cheyenne and Arapahoe calls on Department of Interior to recognize legitimacy of tribal council, current leaders (NBC-WVVA) 09/27/11

• • Attorney for Cherokee freedmen questions timing of tribal court ruling (NewsOK) 08/24/11

• • Judge dismisses lawsuit over Cheyenne-Arapaho leadership feud (indianz.com) 08/16/11

• • Tribe [Eastern Band of Cherokee] breaks ground on Justice Center (The Sylva Herald) 08/11/11

• • Tribal council kicks controversial land ownership to courts (Smoky Mountain News) 08/10/11

• • Suquamish Tribe approves same-sex marriage (Kitsap Sun) 08/01/11

• • 78 Navajo Nation Council members accused of fraud (Tri-City Herald) 07/29/11

• • Tribal court tosses election (Times Record) 07/22/11

• • Wash. tribe unhappy with Microsoft project name (The Seattle Times) 07/21/11

• • Tribe moves slowly but surely toward a new Constitution (Smoky Mountain News) 07/20/11

• • Federal appeals court upholds all but one conviction against Passamaquoddy embezzlers (Bangor Daily News) 07/12/11
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• • Tribal council increases budget by $1.6 million, supports election safeguards (The Cherokee Nation) 07/12/11

• • Apache citizens press for BIA to recognize tribal chairman (The Native American Times) 06/27/11

• • Updated: Cherokee election board accounces official resuts (The Native American Times) 06/27/11

• • Woman claims top spot of NC's Lumbee Tribe (Star News Online) 06/15/11

• • Standing re-elected president of the Wichita & Affiliated Tribes (Indian Country Today) 06/07/11

• • Cayugas embroiled in internal squabble (Auburnpub.com) 06/02/11

• • Court upholds tribal theft sentence (Rapid City Journal) 06/01/11

• • James Billie once again chairman of Seminole Tribe (Fox Orlando) 05/10/11

• • Eight large reservation tribes announce new coalition (The Circle) 05/10/11

• • Cheyenne-Arapaho governer set to file appeal (Native American Times) 04/29/11

• • Fight for control of Cheyenne-Arapaho tribal group escalates, with BIA caught in middle (The Republic) 04/11/11

• • Tribe's legacy, riches at stake in battle over California Valley Miwok (The Fresno Bee) 04/07/11

• • Navajo slush fund cases overwhelm tribal courts (The Washington Examiner) 03/13/11

• • Iron announces bid for Cherokee Nation Tribal Council (Native American Times) 03/04/11

• • Southern Ute leader resigns, acting chairman named (The Durango Herald) 02/11/11

• • Hopis vote down proposed constitutional changes (Las Cruces Sun-News) 01/28/11

• • Hopis to vote on revising tribal constitution (The Republic) 01/25/11


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