2012 Culture and Tradition News Stories

• • Feds, Shoshones oppose N Arapahos on eagle killing (CT Post) 12/19/12

• • US judge blocks Chippewa's night deer hunt (Sheboygan Press) 12/17/12

• • Chippewa to judge: night deer hunting is safe (Channel 3000) 11/27/12

• • Feds crack down on native Alaskan artist for using bird feathers in artwork (Heartlander) 11/26/12

• • Judge rules against tribe in bald eagle case (Red Lodge Clearinghouse) 11/9/12

• • More than 120 ancestors repatriated and laid to rest in Michigan (Indian Country Today) 10/16/12

• • Feds to broaden Native Americans' right to possess eagle feathers (Los Angeles Times) 10/12/12
See Department of Justice's policy (10/12/2012)

• • Scientist says Kennewick Man was from the coast (The News Tribune) 10/10/12

• • Lakota: The revitalization of language and the persistence of spirit (Truthout) 10/8/12

• • Indian Country and the Second Amendment (Indian Country Today) 10/3/12

• • Judge hears arguments in Wyoming bald eagle case (SF Gate) 9/28/12

• • Native American mascots challenged in Washington (The Seattle Times) 9/28/12

• • Census report shows 1.4M people claim mixed Indian ancestry (Indianz.com) 9/28/12

• • Indian inmates in South Dakota win religious freedom lawsuit (Indianz.com) 9/20/12

• • Judge: SD prison tobacco ban substantially burdens Native American inmates' religious rights (The Washington Post) 9/19/12

• • Judge: SD prison tobacco ban curbs religion rights (FresnoBee.com) 9/19/12

• • Despite ICWA, court rules Navajo child will remain with non-Indian guardians (Indian Country Today) 9/05/12 (see Navajo Nation v. Arizona case.)

• • Court OKs placement of Navajo boy with non-Indians (KTUL.com) 8/29/12

• • SC Supreme Court denies appeal in Save Veronica case (abcNews4) 8/23/12

• • DNR [WI] rejects Chippewa tribes claims in wolf hunt dispute (Mining Journal) 8/20/12

• • DOJ supports inmates in ceremonial tobacco suit (KDLTNews) 7/16/12

• • Protecting Indian prisoners? religious freedom (Indian Country Today) 7/4/12

• • With casino revenues, tribes push to preserve languages, and cultures (NY Times) 6/16/12

• • Wyo. tribes spar over proposal to kill eagles (Stamford Advocate) 06/01/12

• • Grassroots river closure, coordinated boater harassment highlight Winnemem Wintu's war dance (Indian Country Today) 05/31/12

• • Children bring joy to prison powwows (The Seattle Times) 05/28/12

• • Tribe disapproves of Oregon banning native mascots (Indian Country Today) 05/24/12

• • Oregon bans American Indian team names, mascots for schools (Sun-Sentinal) 05/22/12

• • Judge allows Shoshone tribe into eagle permit case (My San Antonio) 05/21/12

• • Remains found at Howard building site are from at least 2 Native American adults (Greenbay Press Gazette) 05/17/12

• • Montana tribes edge closer to role at National Bison Range (Billings Gazette) 05/16/12

• • The ancient American bones at centre of two lawsuits (The New Scientist) 05/16/12

• • Living on a wing and a prayer (The Age) 05/13/12

• • Cultural items returned to Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes (Great Falls Tribune) 05/11/12

• • Oregon board close to vote on Native American mascot ban (OPB News) 05/07/12

• • Tribes, scientists debate significance of mastodon bones (The Yakima Herald) 05/05/12

• • Judge throws out tribes' lawsuit on Sioux nickname(San Francisco Chronicle) 05/02/12

• • Lawmaker proposes mascot solution (The Democrat Herald) 04/28/12

• • Jim Thorpe's sons battle to rebury him in Oklahoma (The Kansas City Star) 04/21/12

• • Tribes sue university for human remains (Courthouse News Service) 04/17/12

• • Native American burial ground discovered (wowt.com) 04/17/12

• • Tribes sue university for human remains (Courthouse News Service) 04/17/12

• • Tribal leaders challenge Forest Service to protect native women's rights (Indybay.org) 04/16/12

• • Tribe faces NCAA in court this week in Fighting Sioux nickname saga (Inforum) 04/15/12

• • A new attack on repatriation (Indian Country Today) 04/09/12

• • Tribes embrace native names to preserve culture (AzCetnral) 04/08/12

• • Navajo Nation sues Urban Outfitters over trademark (NPR) 04/05/12

• • N.D. Supreme Court leaves 'Sioux' decision to a state vote (Grand Forks Herald) 04/03/12

• • Native American inmates challenge S.D. prison tobacco ban in lawsuit (Deseret News) 03/30/12

• • Proposed Oregon administrative rule on Native American mascots (Turtle Talk) 03/21/12

• • Northern Michigan Native American tribe considering same-sex marriages on tribal land (UpNorthLive.com) 03/20/12

• • Remains of 53 Native American people unearthed during construction to be reinterred in southern Utah (KCSG.com) 03/19/12

• • Documentary reveals Lakota medicine man abused by justice system (Indian Country Today) 03/19/12

• • Tribes don't approve of illegal trade of eagle parts(Billings Gazette) 03/18/12

• • Wyoming Native American tribe gets rare permit to kill bald eagles (Fox News) 03/14/12

• • Language plan and tribal efforts praised (Indian Country Today) 03/08/12

• • A team-name fight like no other (ESPN) 03/07/12

• • Ceremonial fisheries culturally important to NW tribes (Earth Fix) 03/05/12

• • Navajo Nation sues Urban Outfitters (AJC.com) 02/29/12

• • Guest post: a Native American student responds to a Times article about his home (The New York Times) 02/17/12

• • Water district to move Native American bones back to ancient site in Everglades (The Palm Beach Post) 02/14/12

? ? Preserving a Native tongue: Tribe works to maintain elders' language (Statesman Journal) 02/13/12

• • Federal judge denies request for bald eagle protection (The Arizona Silver Belt) 01/25/12

• • Native language and cultural survival could use AlterNative Soulutions (CharKoosta News) 01/05/12

• • For some tribes, new year's foods provide a sacred link to the past (NPR.org) 01/01/12


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