2013 Culture and Tradition News Stories

(See: the ICWA Info blog for more news articles on child welfare)

Senate majority leader Harry Reid says "no" to "Redskins" (Indian Country Today) 12/19/13

Senate majority leader Harry Reid says "no" to "Redskins" (Indian Country Today) 12/19/13

Secret bids guide Hopi Indians' spirits home (New York Times) 12/12/13

Texas school board to vote on banning "Redskins" mascot (Indian Country Today) 12/10/13

Annenberg Foundation was anonymous bidder for Native American artifacts (LA Times) 12/11/13

Desecration of Amity Pueblo stonewalled by government agencies (Indian Country Today) 12/11/13

French court OK's controversial auction of sacred Native American Hopi masks (The Province) 12/6/13

NCAI to host a briefing on devastating effects of Indian sports mascots (Indian Country Today) 12/3/13

Native American tribal law can complicate child custody cases (Lewert Law Offices) 12/1/13

Lawyers bring fresh lawsuit on sale of Hopi masks (Santa Fe New Mexican) 11/30/13

Documents reveal coal exporter disturbed Native American archaeological site at Cherry Point (Earth Fix) 11/25/13

Cherokee Nation files forceful response to Capobianco's $1 million attorneys' fees suit (Indian Country Today) 11/23/13

Oneida Indians thank Obama for comment on Redskins (USA Today) 11/13/13

Editorial: Regardless of future, U. owes Ute tribe for use of name (Salt Lake Tribune) 11/12/13

Cherokee girl's parents' lawyers seek $1M in fees (USA Today) 11/6/13

The long history of the Indian Child Welfare Act (Legal History Jotwell) 11/5/13

Wisconsin senate passes bill making it harder to protest Indian mascots (National Review) 11/5/13

Group to push for adoption reforms (Tulsa World) 11/4/13

Oneida Nation and NFL discuss why 'Redskins' name should change (Indian Country Today) 10/30/13

Opinion: Daniel Snyder's best possible answer to critics of the Redskins' name (The Atlantic) 10/17/13

Tribal leaders worry 'Baby Veronica' case sets precedent against ICWA (Oklahoma News 9) 10/10/13 (See: ICWA Info for more news articles on this issue)

Cherokee Nation and father of adopted 4-year-old girl drop court battle for custody (Washington Post) 10/10/13

Redskins' name change remains activist's unfinished business (New York Times) 10/9/13

Hunters slaughter sacred white moose; Mi'kmaq outraged, mourning (Indian Country Today) 10/8/13

Art dealer returns Hopi sacred artifacts (AZ Daily Sun) 10/6/13

Obama: 'I'd think about changing' Washington Redskins team name (Washington Post) 10/5/13

Native American community reacts strongly to proposed mascot law revision (Wisconsin Public Radio) 9/27/13

Capobiancos sue Dusten Brown for nearly half a million in fees (Indian Country Today) 9/25/13 (See: ICWA Info for more news articles on this issue)

Cherokee girl transferred to adoptive parents (ABC News) 9/23/13

Fight over Cherokee girl enters new courtroom (SF Gate) 9/17/13

UN expert urges respect for the rights of Cherokee child in custody dispute (United Nations Human Rights) 9/10/13

Colville tribe votes to recognize marriage equality (Equality on Trial) 9/9/13

Navajo appeals ruling in exhumed remains case (SF Gate) 8/30/13

'Baby Girl' Veronica case: Lawyer asks judge to suspend adoptive parents' visitation rights (Huffington Post) 8/26/13

Kitzhaber [OR Governor] vetoes mascot bill (The Columbian) 8/19/13

Mediation agreement filed in custody battle over Cherokee girl; details of it are sealed (Washington Post) 8/16/13 (See: ICWA Info for more news articles on this issue)

'Custodial interference': Dusten Brown turns himself in (Indian Country Today) 8/12/13 (

Authorities consulting on next steps in Veronica transfer order (WMBF News) 08/07/13 (For additional news see ICWA Info.)

Indian groups sue over Cherokee girl's adoption (The-Dispatch.com) 7/31/13 (See more news on this case at ICWA Info Blog.)

It's time to change the Redskins' racist name (Indian Country Today) 7/30/13

Tribes renew their claim to ancient Kennewick Man bones (YakimaHerald) 7/28/13

Baby Veronica's birth mother files suit, claims ICWA unconstitutional (Indian Country Today) 7/26/13

SC denies requests to rehear adoption case (Idaho Statesman) 7/22/13 Find more articles about this case at ICWA Info.

Support grows for tribal control in child welfare (ArgusLeader.com) 7/19/13

On heels of Indian foster care summit & tribal demands for greater sovereignty, South Dakota governor shows support for tribally-run programs in letter to HHS (PRWeb) 7/19/13

Flag songs: Honoring sovereign tribal nations on Independence Day (Indian Country Today) 7/4/13

A question of human rights: Is it time to repeal the Din? Marriage Act? (Navajo Times) 7/4/13

Oregon lawmakers vote to ease Native mascot ban despite veto threat (NW News Network) 7/1/13

Equal status, Kemo Sabe: Johnny Depp revises Tonto in 'The Lone Ranger' (NY Times) 6/28/13

Drama over Baby Veronica goes on (SCOTUSBlog) 6/27/13.

Two-Spirit community applauds DOMA strikedown and dismissal of Prop 8 (Indian Country Today) 6/27/13

Onondaga Nation preps hand-carved canoe for Two Row Wampum Journey (Indian Country Today) 6/26/13

Collection of reactions on Baby Girl case (Turtletalk) 6/25/13

California Native American tribe announces support of same sex marriage: Santa Ysabel Tribe first in California to make proclamation (Kumeyaay.com) 6/24/13

'Lone Ranger' premiere raises new questions about old stereotypes (KPBS) 6/24/13

When cars assume ethnic identities (New York Times) 6/23/13

The week that was: The big stories in Indian Country, June 23, 2013 (Indian Country Today) 6/23/13

Same-sex couple says, 'I do' (Leader Pub) 6/20/13

L.A. Film Fest: 'Winter in the Blood' depicts life on reservation (L.A. Times) 6/18/13

Johnny Depp, the 'Indian': Is he or isn't he? (Indian Country Today) 6/17/13

The fight for Baby Veronica, part 5 (Indian Country Today) 6/17/13

Cartoonist from SD tackles Native American issues (Las Cruces Sun News) 6/13/13

Kilmer Sponsors bill to provide equal treatment for special needs Native American children (Derek Kilmer) 6/13/13

The fight for Baby Veronica, part 4 (Indian Country Today) 6/12/13

Mormon Church & Indian adoptions (Opposing Views) 6/11/13

Creek language play premiering during tribal festival (Native American Times) 6/11/13

DOI official: Govts must work together on ICWA (Williston Herald) 6/6/13

Lakota People's Law Project chief counsel Daniel Sheehan reviews genocide issues with UN human rights officials (PRweb) 6/6/13

Putting the culture back in agriculture: Reviving Native food and farming traditions (Huffington Post) 6/5/13

Native American student denied diploma, fined $1,000 for wearing eagle feather (The Inquisitr) 6/4/13

The fight for Baby Veronica, part 3 (Indian Country Today) 6/4/13

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America elects first Native American bishop (Indian Country Today) 6/2/13

Five Native American "champions" call for change (Inter Press Service) 5/31/13

Radiolab: ICWA at center of high-stakes Supreme Court case (Indianz.com) 5/31/13

Native Sun News: Vision Maker Media shares Native stories (Indianz.com) 5/28/13

Should the Hopi people continue to have the right to kill eagles? No (Denver Post) 5/26/13

Navajo Nation's 'Mother of Justice' dies (Farmington, NM Daily Times) 5/24/13

Navajo case against Urban Outfitters on hold (ABQ Journal) 5/24/13

Echohawk discusses tribal rights (The Dartmouth) 5/23/13

Trail of Tears marks 175th anniversary (Cherokee Tribune) 5/22/13

Upper Sioux tribal elder, educator and historian Tom Ross walks on (Indian Country Today) 5/19/13

Native American actress proud to walk Cannes red carpet (Reuters) 5/18/13

ACLU joins Huy in support of indigenous prisoners' religious freedoms (Indian Country Today) 5/17/13

Among Indian tribes, a division over gay marriage (Washington Post) 5/12/13

Native Sun News: Wounded Knee descendants speak out (Indianz.com) 5/10/13

Michigan House OKs bill that could allow wolf hunt (Holland Sentinel) 5/2/13

D.C. Council may push Washington Redskins into 'Washington Redtails' (Washington Post) 4/30/13

Some SC tribal members fighting for right to use eagle feathers (The State) 4/28/13

The long legal and moral battle over Kennewick Man (Indian Country Today) 4/25/13

Jim Thorpe's remains can be moved to native land, court rules (The Inquistr) 4/20/13

Despite objections from Hopi tribe, Native American masks sold off at auction in France (Sask Lifestyles) 4/12/13

Important cultural, religious and historical resources threatened by drilling (Indian Country Today) 4/8/13

Outside officials say Spirit Lake tribe on right track with child protection (GrandForksHerald.com) 4/6/13

Hopis try to stop Paris sale of artifacts (New York Times) 4/3/13

Judge: Urban Outfitters case can continue [trademark] (Indian Country Today) 4/3/13

Tribal officials shepherd efforts for reburial standards (Cortez Journal) 3/13/13

Inmate's religious rights allegedly violated within Texas prison system (Indian Country Today) 3/8/13

Tribes oppose Obama's nomination of Lynne Sebastian to Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (Indian Country Today) 2/28/13

Michigan Civil Rights department defends stance on eliminating Native American mascots (Michigan Live) 2/21/13

Some Native Americans defy U.S. law on eagle feathers (Washington Post) 2/22/13

Tribes oppose Obama's nomination of Lynne Sebastian to Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (Indian Country Today) 2/28/13

Michigan Civil Rights department defends stance on eliminating Native American mascots (Michigan Live) 2/21/13

Judge: Navajo lawsuit over human remains premature (Ktar) 2/19/13

Republicans aim to overturn Oregon Native American mascot ban (Oregon Live) 2/15/13

State appealing ceremonial tobacco policy change (Rapid City Journal) 2/14/13

Michigan civil rights department asks U.S. to bar schools' use of Indian names (Detroit Free Press) 2/9/13

Indian inmates in South Dakota win lawsuit [about religious tobacco use] (Indianz.com) 2/7/13

Judge allows Mashpee Tribe member's fishing lawsuit (Cape Cod Times) 1/29/13

Focus on preserving heritage can limit foster care for Indians (New York Times) 1/26/13

Court rules Urban Outfitters trial will stay in New Mexico (Navajo Times) 1/24/13

Room for debate: adoptive rights vs. tribal rights (NYT) 1/24/13

Navajo Nation lawsuit against clothing store to stay in NM (KOB News) 1/18/13

Replace Columbus Day with Native American Day, lawmaker proposes (Los Angeles Times) 1/8/13



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