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Education in Indian Country:Running in place (Education Week) 12/4/13

Minnesota report focuses on programs that work for Indian students (Twin City Daily Planet) 11/26/13

Forum sheds light on Native American boarding schools (Colorado Daily) 11/13/13

Magdalena Schools awarded $1.2 million (D Chieftan) 10/24/13

Top 5 philanthropic foundations make Native education a priority (Indian Country Today) 8/8/13

Robert DePoe excited to return home to lead Salish Kootenai College (Missoulian) 8/03/13

Misdirected Indian education (Indian Country Today) 6/5/13

Navajo schools lose funding due to sequestration cuts (NPR) 5/28/13

Tipton, Bennet, Udall reintroduce bill to help reimburse Fort Lewis College for Native American tuition (Tipton Press Release) 4/22/13

Northwestern to probe founder's link to Indian massacre (Evanston & Skokie) 2/21/13

Law students help develop tribal wills (Clarion) 4/2/13

Idaho law school courtroom first non-ivy league university to host Navajo Nation Supreme Court for oral argument (UI Argonaut) 3/25/13

In Montana, an Indian reservation's children feel the impact of sequester cuts (Washington Post) 3/21/13

Sequester cuts already hitting Minnesota's reservation schools (Star Tribune) 3/19/13

Navajo Nation to accept $3M grant for homes affected by uranium (Daily Times) 3/12/13

Obamacare means more funding for Native American clinics (Healthy Cal) 3/12/13

Colo. school funding challenge goes to high court (The Daily Sentinel) 3/7/13


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