2013 Health & Welfare News Stories

Obama signs bill for Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (Indianz.com) 12/30/13

Interior Alaska foster children get federal support (Newsminer.com) 12/18/13

Gov. Mead leaves door open for Medicaid expansion on Wind River Indian Reservation (Indian Country Today) 12/11/13

Health coverage could improve with Affordable Care Act education (Indian Country Today) 12/9/13

UND law expert to participate in task force to examine impact of violence on Native children (Indian Country Today) 12/6/13

Oklahoma governor's executive order to help tribal child welfare cases sees resolution (Oklahomian) 12/2/13

Tester pushes bill to improve quality of life for Native children (Indian Country Today) 11/30/13

Heitkamp pushes plan to establish commission on Indian children (Inforum) 11/28/13

Sen. Begich urges Obama's attention on plan to cheat tribal health costs (Indian Country Today) 11/13/13

Attorney General Holder announces $6.7 million to improve legal defense services for the poor (Department of Justice) 10/30/13

The fight fornative families (Alajazeera) 11/14/13

Lakota Sioux press feds on foster care and direct funding for social programs (PR Web) 11/12/13

SD tribal leaders seek federal foster care help (Seattle PI) 11/11/13

The Affordable Care Act and American Indian and Alaska Native fact sheet (Char-Koosta News) 11/7/13

Native American Food Sovereignty Allianceformed to address the immediate need to restore native food systems (Sacramento Bee) 11/7/13

Violence Against Women government-to-government consultation (Department of Justice) 11/4/13

NCAI prez demands new farm bill after blizzard that killed 100,000 animals (Indian Country Today) 10/27/13

Heitkamp introduces first bill as U.S. Senator; Aims to improve the lives of Native American children (Heitkamp Press Release) 10/30/13

Murkowski-sponsored bill aims to protect Native American children (Anchorage Daily News) 10/30/13

Turnover hampers protection of children at ND's Spirit Lake (Inforum) 10/27/13

University of Maryland Health Equity Center launches trust campaign targeting minorities, health researchers (Diverse Education) 10/24/13

American Indians will feel the effects of the Affordable Care Act (Charkoosta News) 10/24/13

Native American youth suicides and the sequester (RINF) 10/22/13

Rapes of Native American women 'unprosecuted' (Al-Jazeera) 10/16/13

New options for Native Americans under health law (Gant Daily) 10/14/13

Alaska natives exempt from Affordable Care Act (KTUU) 10/9/13

Obamacare in Indian Country (Char-Koosta News) 10/3/13

Standing Rock Sioux move to rescue children, accuse state of genocide (Indian Country Today) 10/3/13

Why rape is much more common in Alaska (Business Insider) 9/26/13

Better management and accountability needed to improve Indian education (U.S. Government Accountability Office) 9/24/13

Oregon tribes land millions to fight crime, abuse (Portland Business Journal) 9/19/13

Justice Dept. gives Nevada tribes $1.8M in grants (My News 3) 9/19/13

American Indians among those exempted from health reform's individual mandate (LJ World) 9/16/13

Legal clinic helps Native Americans navigate urban life (Seattle Times) 9/12/13

IHS approves service areas for three newly recognized tribes (Indianz.com) 9/11/13

White House trying to cheat tribes on health costs (Indian Country Today) 9/9/13

Most American Indians and Alaska Natives potentially eligible for expanded health coverage, but action needed to increase enrollment (US Government Accountability Office) 9/5/13

Tribes seek Medicaid expansion on Wind River Reservation (WyoFile) 9/3/13

NM-Sen: Tom Udall (D) introduces legislation to reauthorize key Native American housing bill (Daily Kos) 7/26/13

Final ACA policy makes an exemption from the shared responsibility payment available to individuals eligible for IHS services (Char-Koosta News) 7/18/13

Exemption from health law's individual mandate broadened for Native Americans (Star Tribune) 6/26/13

Native American vets struggle with VA system (Southern California Public Radio) 6/25/13

USET develops work group to address violence against Native women (Indian Country Today) 6/23/13

How will Obamacare affect American Indians? (Washington Times) 6/21/13

New report, half of First Nations children live in poverty (Turtletalk) 6/19/13

Lawmakers press IHS to confront HIV/AIDS on Navajo Nation (Indianz.com) 6/14/13

Baucus, Tester applaud affordable housing grants for Montana Native American communities (Sen. Max Baucus Press Release) 6/12/13

Better Indian health may hinge on power of tribes themselves (Argus Leader) 6/12/13

Budget would pose challenges for public health programs: Health agencies tightening their belts (The Nation's Health) 6/10/13

Indian Country's MetaData scandal: Invisibility (Indian Country Today) 6/10/13

Child welfare group sponsors essay contest (Inforum) 6/8/13

Clarification needed in the Affordable Care Act's 'play or pay' rule and its effect on tribal businesses (Indian Country Today) 6/6/13

Oklahoma tornadoes: New website collects aid for Native victims (Indian Country Today) 6/4/13

In western Alaska, health care is spread thin (Anchorage Daily News) 5/28/13

'Invisible' Urban Indians (Indian Country Today) 5/24/13

Native Americans trade tales of displaced children (Gillette News Record) 5/18/13

House repeals health care act, including IHCIA, once again (Indianz.com) 5/17/13

Native Sun News: County's ICWA abuses called 'shocking' (Indianz.com) 5/16/13

The fight for Baby Veronica, part 2 (Indian Country Today) 5/13/13

Great Plains ICWA summit hoping to address native foster care concerns (Indian Country Today) 5/13/13

$2 million funding available for child care grant programs (BNA) 5/7/13

American Indians will soon feel the effects of the Affordable Healthcare Act (Char-Koosta News) 5/2/13

Medicaid expansion to provide more care for Native Americans (NPR) 4/29/13

Opinion: Baby Veronica and the law of race (Indian Country Today) 4/28/13

Opinion: High-profile custody case (New York Times) 4/26/13

Native American biological father wins child custody case (Neil Ashmore Family Law Group) 4/26/13

Justice Department honors Healing Arts Program for tribal sexual assault victims (Office of Justice Press Release) 4/23/13

Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, state, DHS sign Indian Child Welfare Act agreement (US & Eastern Tribes, Inc.) 11/8/12

State of Miss., Choctaws want federal adoption act left intact (Clarion Ledger) 4/21/13

[Baby Veronica] Argument recap: No easy answers in Indian adoption case (Scotus Blog) 4/16/13

The adoption industry's ugly side (NARF) 4/16/13

Indian affairs, adoption, and race: The Baby Veronica case comes to Washington (The Atlantic) 4/12/13

Fighting to keep Native children at home (Indianz.com) 4/12/13

Maine backs Indian father's parental rights (Kennebec Journal) 3/28/13

SD tribes file lawsuit against social services (Ventura County Star) 3/23/13

Oglala and Rosebud file federal child-welfare lawsuit (Indian Country Today) 3/22/13

South Dakota tribes file lawsuit against social services (Albuquerque Express) 3/21/13

The sequester hits the reservation (The New York Times) 3/20/13

New scholarship on domestic violence and Alaska natives (Turtle Talk) 3/19/13

Maine, tribes seek 'Truth And Reconciliation' (NPR) 3/12/13

A miscalculation on the sequester has already harmed Indian health (Indian Country Today) 3/11/13

Health care reform and the impact on the Citizen Potawatomi Nation (Insurance News Net) 2/28/13

Louise Erdirch Opinion: Rape on the reservation (New York Times) 2/26/13

Officials concerned about sequester effects on Indian health services (Alaska Public) 2/14/13

Bills aim to tackle youth suicide among NM tribes(Daily Times) 2/9/13

Revised law could help Navajo victims of violence (The Daily Times) 2/8/13

Senate poised to vote on VAWA: News analysis (Lake-County News Chronicle) 2/7/13

South Dakota tribes accuse state of Violating Indian Welfare Act (NPR) 2/6/13

Arizona Congressman commits to reintroduce the Native American Suicide Prevention Act on the House floor (Indian Country Today) 2/4/13

Longmont nonprofit helping form alliance [Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance] (Boulder County Business Report) 2/4/13

Media failures lead to flawed understandings in Cherokee adoption dase (Truth-Out) 1/13/13

Cherokee breaks new ground with fines for domestic violence (Smoky Mountain News) 1/9/13

Supreme Court to examine Indian Child Welfare Act requirements in adoption dispute (Washington Post) 1/4/13

Back to square one on Violence Against Women Act (New York Magazine) 1/3/13


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