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Drought, land controversy may spur changes in wind river irrigation management (Indian Country Today) 12/3013

Kickapoo leadership vows to continue fight for reservoir (CJ Online) 12/27/13

Oglala Sioux first tribe to reach agreement of fractionated lands (Indian Country Today) 12/13/13

Judge denies tribe's bid for night deer hunting (Twin Cities Pioneer Press) 12/13/13

Oglala Sioux first tribe to reach agreement of fractionated lands (Indian Country Today) 12/13/13

EPA: Lands around Riverton still 'Indian Country' (Name of SourceSF Gate) 12/9/13

Department of Interior says first co-op agreement finalized for $1.9 billion Indian land buyback program (Star Tribune) 12/9/13

Federal lands plan gets mixed response in Idaho (Elko Daily Free Press) 12/6/13

Ranchers oppose the Oglala Sioux Tribe plan for bison reserve (Argus Leader) 12/6/13

Task force wrapping up work on Klamath water deal (SF Gate) 12/3/13

Puyallup Tribe, city working toward cemetery solution (The News Tribune) 12/2/13

Sioux Addition asserts right to treaty lands (Indianz.com) 11/22/13

Yakama win in $97 million historic land mega-deal (Indian Country Today) 11/22/13

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell headed to Shawnee to sign tribal agreement (News OK) 11/22/13

Maidu poised to regain ancestral land (Indian Country Today) 11/21/13

Bureau of Indian Affairs finalizes changes to land-into-trust procedures in light of Patchak (JD Supra) 11/18/13

Alaskan tribes call for protection of coastal waters (Greenpeace) 11/18/13

BIA finalizes regulation to address land-into-trust appeals (Indianz.com) 11/12/13

Citizens debate use of Clark Fork water (Montana Standard) 11/12/13

Minnesota Supreme Court hears Fond du Lac hotel case (Duluth News Tribune) 11/7/13

Oglala Sioux Tribe intervenes in water dispute (Indianz.com) 11/5/13

Governor will support appeal of Ponca's actions (Norfolk Daily News) 11/4/13

Court of appeals affirms Navajo water rights in the San Juan River Basin (Native News Network) 11/2/13

Senate Indian Affairs Committee passes three land measures (Indianz.com) 10/31/13

Feds begin Colorado River drought action (Laughlin Nevada Times) 10/29/13

Idaho tribes want first crack at federal land (Idaho Statesman) 10/29/13

Water rights being stolen with off-reservation rights thrown in for good measure (Missoulian) 10/29/13

Feds to publish environmental statement on tribe's Taunton land application (Middleborough Wicked Local) 10/24/13

Chumash withdraws tribal land consolidation and acquisition plan (ABC News Channel 3) 10/15/13

Federal shutdown stalls Mashpee Wampanoag tribal land bid (Cape Cod Times) 10/8/13

Extension granted for 'Camp 4' trust application comments (Santa Maria Times) 10/8/13

Jemez Pueblo plans to appeal dismissal of land claim lawsuit (Indianz.com) 10/8/13

Corps, states, tribes clash on water rights (Black Hills Pioneer) 10/3/13

First Nation moves to evict fracking co. from lands held in trust (Indian Country Today) 10/3/13

Judge deletes Alaska exception in land-into-trust regulations (Indianz.com) 10/2/13

Chumash land acquisitions rally valley residents over annexation plans (Noozhawk) 9/29/13

Tribes, feds partner on Colorado River water study (Kpho) 9/19/13

The fight over water in Southeastern Oklahoma tied to treaties, tribes and Civil War (State Impact Oklahoma) 9/19/13

USDA questions Keepseagle $380 million foundation proposal (Indian Country Today) 9/17/13

Brief update on CSKT proposed water compact (Char-Koosta News) 8/22/13

Northern California tribal members protest at Westlands office over water (The Fresno Bee) 8/20/13

Asst. Sec'y for Indian Affairs explains Interior's land buy-back plan (Indian Country Today) 8/19/13

Navajo Water Rights Settlement approved in Aztec District Court (The Daily Times) 8/19/13

Water could cost Oklahoma City $1 billion (Kansas City Star) 8/18/13

Judge approves Navajo water rights settlement (Albuquerque Jornal) 8/16/13

Columbia River: Groups weigh in on treaty (Daily Inter Lake) 8/17/13

Federal judge rejects Mohawk tribe's land suit (Kentucky.com) 8/12/13

Coverage and commentary on Interior buy back program (Turtle Talk) 8/06/13

Water shortages loom in Southwest, could trigger cuts (MSN News) 8/02/13

Secretary Jewell signs historic water rights agreement with White Mountain Apache Tribe and State of Arizona (Department of Interior) 7/30/13

Running on empty in the Klamath Basin: Time for a new solution (Oregonian) 7/13/13

Chickasaw governor hopeful on water lawsuit talks (AP) 7/17/13

Agua Caliente water rights lawsuit (Indian Country Today) 7/17/13

Tribal leaders are hopeful about ongoing discussions on Oklahoma's water use (Daily Oklahoman) 7/18/13

Senate Indian Affairs Committee schedules hearing on two bills (Indianz.com) 7/8/13

State, tribes working to solve water rights issues (Tulsa World) 7/8/13

Leaders of Navajo Nation declare drought emergency (ABQ Journal) 7/3/13

Jewell makes emotional pledge to Native Americans (WLOX) 6/27/13

Tribal land buy-back program starting (ABC News) 6/18/13

OK water rights victory historic, setting stage for state-tribal case (Oklahoma Watchdog) 6/17/13

Navajo Nation, area water users battle for rights to water (Farmington, NM Daily Times) 6/11/13

Klamath Tribes and federal government put out historic call for water rights in drought-stricken Klamath Basin (The Oregonian) 6/10/13

Winners in harsh battle for Klamath River water claim their rights (L.A. Times) 6/10/13

Eminent domain and a horse slaughterhouse at Wounded Knee? (Indian Country Today) 5/30/13

BIA accepting comments on rule for land-into-trust appeals (Indianz.com) 5/29/13

Tribes aim to close loopholes in water laws (Indianz.com) 5/7/13

S.D. tribe faces ultimatum on sale of massacre site (Yakima Herald) 5/2/13

Oklahoma-Texas water rights: Where local tribes stand (Epoch Times) 5/1/13

Two sides of fishermen trial disagree on testimony (KYUK) 4/26/13

Desert Water Agency sues over new tribal rules (My Desert) 4/25/13

State appeals D.C. court's decision on Akiachak lands (Alaska Journal) 4/25/13

Mescalero eyes Forest Service land (Ruidoso News) 4/25/13

Desert Water Agency sues over new tribal rules (My Desert) 4/25/13

Water rights tear at an Indian reservation (New York Times) 4/21/13

Thirsty states take water battle to Supreme Court (NPR) 4/21/13

Judge blocks vote on Flathead water compact (Missoulian) 4/17/13

Tribes hope to minimize conflict over federal lands (The World) 4/15/13

Drought-stricken Texas and Oklahoma battle for Red River water rights (Kansas City Infozine) 4/14/13

Water compact: Defeat of agreement yields chaos (Missoulian) 4/10/13

Dorothy Lawson: Bill in Alaska cuts tribes out of public process (Indianz) 4/10/13

Tribal water rights save rivers and communities (Red Lodge Clearinghouse) 4/9/13

State attorney weighs in on tribal lands case (Alaska Public Radio) 4/9/13

Court decision has big implications for tribal lands (Alaska Public Media) 4/8/13

Native Sun News: Yaqui Tribe fights Mexico over water rights (Indianz.com) 4/4/1

House panels kill bills to study, enact Flathead tribal water rights compact (Billings Gazette) 4/3/13

NARF calls land-into-trust case a victory for all Alaska tribes (Indianz.com) 4/3/13

Quapaw tribe files suit against federal government for alleged land mismanagement (Indian Country Today) 4/2/13

Tribes file U.S. Supreme Court water appeal brief (Individual.com) 3/31/13

Democratic legislator introduces bill to ratify Flathead water rights (The Montana Standard) 3/24/13

Tribal water compact not ready for legislative approval (Independent Record) 3/20/13

[Oregon] lawmaker's plan would give tribe 14,000 acres (The World) 3/20/13

Tribal water rights save rivers and communities (Times Standard) 3/20/13

Four New Mexico pueblos and Secretary Salazar finalize historic Aamodt water rights case (Indian Country Today) 3/16/13

NM tribe to get leasing rights under federal law (Las Cruces Sun-News) 3/14/13

Bill addressing reservation land introduced in Congress (Polkio) 3/13/13

Wisconsin walleye fishing could be limited by tribal spearing plans (Journal Sentinel Online) 3/11/13

CSKT chairman urges Legislature to back water compact (Missoulian) 3/9/13

Oregon gives tribes top claims to water in much of Klamath Basin (Oregon Live) 3/7/13

Casino case challenges tribe's access to land in Washington (Fresno Bee) 3/5/13

Supreme Court stays proceedings in Flathead water compact case (Missoulian) 3/1/13

Feinstein, Young question Interior's new tribal land acquisition policy; Feinstein's motives under scrutiny (Indian Country Today) 2/25/13

The Indian land consolidation plot thickens (Indian Country Today) 2/23/13

Feds seek dismissal of Jemez Pueblo land suit (ABQ Journal) 2/19/13

Skokomish Tribe sues state over hunting rights (Kitsap Sun) 2/20/13

Clash mounts over proposed Black Hills uranium mining (Indianz.com) 2/19/13

Idaho tribes propose [land] tax law clarification (The Spokesman-Review) 2/11/13

San Juan County water users oppose Navajo Nation in settlement case (Las Cruces Sun-News) 2/6/13

Lummis move to get trust land status worries local governments (The News Tribune) 2/4/13

Suquamish Tribe loses preliminary injunction in Bangor construction (North Kitsap Herald) 2/1/13

High court rejects tribe's lawsuit claim (Nevada Appeal) 1/31/13

Limited FEMA mapping on Indian reservations increases flood risk, lessens federal flood insurance (Indian Country Today) 1/22/13

Land dispute between the Quapaw Tribe and Cherokee County (KOAM Tv) 1/17/13

Ute Mountain Ute hunters and anglers gain access to Brunot area (Indian Country Today) 1/17/13

Feds promise prompt review of Mashpee tribe's reservation application (The Enterprise) 1/13/13

Supreme Court to decide on Texans' bid for Oklahoma's water (New York Times) 1/7/13



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