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Native American seek equal access to voting precincts (IPS News) 12/13/13

Native vote lawsuit heads back to district court and a new judge (Indian Country Today) 11/1/13

DOJ Declares Indian vote denial 'completely incorrect' (Indian Country Today) 10/18/13

Appeals court to decide Indian voting case (Mail Tribune) 10/11/13

7 questions on native voting rights for ACLU's Laughlin McDonald (Indian Country Today) 10/5/13

Tribe wins court costs in voting rights dispute (Herald Net) 9/22/13

S.D. Secretary of State: Group to study use of federal voting funds (Argus Leader) 9/17/13

Native voting rights group seeks county's help (Argus Leader) 9/11/13

Arizona and Kansas sue U.S. over voter registration law (Reuters) 8/22/13  

Push for satellite voting centers intensifies (Rapid City Journal) 08/07/13

Four Directions and three Sioux Tribes file civil rights complaint (Indian Country Today) 8/07/13

Obama pledges to strengthen Voting Rights Act (USA Today) 7/30/13

Voting map submitted, language lawsuit filed (Tundra Drums) 7/25/13

Alaska Natives sue over election translations (JuneauEmpire.com) 7/21/13

Native American tribes’ lawsuit could decide who controls Senate in 2015 (The Hill) 7/16/13

South Dakota Indians voting rights (Indian Country Today) 7/12/13

Leaders praise Supreme Court decision to uphold voting rights (Indian Country Today) 7/8/13

Native Sun News: Supreme Court sets back Indian voting rights (Indianz.com) 7/4/13

Supreme Court invalidates key section of Voting Rights Act (Indianz.com) 6/26/13

Denial of injunction in Cherokee freedmen case upheld on appeal (Tulsa World) 6/21/13

Federal court denies emergency motion to allow Cherokee Freedmen to vote (Turtletalk) 6/19/13

High Court strikes Ariz. voting law requiring proof of citizenship (NPR) 6/17/13

Voter ID proposal advances in House (NC Capitol) 4/17/13

Montana democrats rebuff native voting-rights lawsuit (Indian Country Today) 3/19/13

Justices appear divided on Arizona voting law (New York Times) 3/18/13

Supreme Court case could affect South Dakota's reservation voters (Argus Leader) 3/15/13

Defend Alaskan's right to vote (Indian Country Today) 3/13/13

Justice Department's voting rights section hurt by unprofessional behavior, report says (Washington Post) 3/12/13

Native American voter rights in Arizona brought before high court (IVN) 3/12/13

Debate over Alaska Native voting may be a preview of 2014 Senate race (Anchorage Daily News) 3/10/13

Justices will probe Arizona's voter registration law (ABA Journal) 2/28/13

With 2014 elections looming, Ninth Circuit agrees to hear native voting-rights appeal (Indian Country Today) 2/28/13

Outcome of voting rights case before Supreme Court will be felt in Alaska (Anchorage Daily News) 2/27/13

Wampanoag election concerns persist (Cape Cod Online) 2/21/13

Navajo Nation files brief with U.S. Supreme Court in Voting Rights Act challenge (PR Web) 2/18/13

On voting rights, Justices get an earful from their 'friends' (The Atlantic) 2/5/13

Tribal Council's 15 voting districts ruled constitutional (Grand Lake News) 1/29/13

From Arizona to Montana, native voters struggle for democracy (The Nation) 1/28/13






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