2014 Recognition & Enrollment News Stories

A voice of reason in Connecticut's anti-fed recognition wilderness (Indian Country Today) 10/9/14

Kaine calls for flexibility in recognition process for Indian Tribes (Augusta Free Press) 10/1/14

Little Shell Chippewa Tribe closes in on official federal recognition (Grand Forks Herald) 8/22/14

AB 52, Native American bill, passes committee with changes: consultation process still limited to federally recognized (Monterey Herald) 8/15/14

New rules might recognize more tribes, create new casinos (Miami Herald) 8/12/14

Tribes criticize veto provisions in BIA federal recognition rule (Indianz) 7/30/14 (See notices here and here).

San Carlos Apache Tribe ventures to increase enrollment (Arizona Silver Belt) 7/29/14

CA tribe has new recognition hopes after costly, two-decade struggle (Indian Country Today) 7/21/14

Tribal court hears argument to dismiss reopened disenrollment cases (Central Michigan Life) 7/11/14

Court acknowledges Choctaw tribe in Jackson County (Associated Press News) 7/10/14

Anti-recognition sentiment runs fierce on Kauai (Honolulu Star-Advertiser) 7/2/14

Hawaiian sovereignty 101: the growing fight for native independence (Indian Country Today) 6/28/14

Federal government explores Hawaiian sovereignty (89.3 KPCC) 6/27/14

Interior?s new Hawaiian initiative (Indian Country Today) 6/25/14

Native Hawaiians voice anger at federal officials (Maui News) 6/24/14

Native Hawaiian recognition takes big step (KHNL News 8) 6/19/14

Embattled Nooksacks win delay in loss of membership (Bellingham Herald) 6/12/14

Nooksack tribe re-starts disenrollment process for 306 members (Bellingham Herald RSS) 6/3/14

Tester statement on rule affecting Little Shell recognition (U.S. Senate) 5/28/14

Rule aims at recognition for Native Hawaiians (Honolulu Star-Advertiser) 5/25/14

Interior proposes reform of federal acknowledgment regulations (Turtle Talk) 5/22/14

A Hawaiian nation? (Honolulu Star-Advertiser) 5/11/14

Cherokee present case in freedmen litigation (Muskogee Phoenix) 5/5/14

Hawaiian sovereignty moves forward in international courts (Indian Country Today) 4/24/14

Little Shell Tribe gets closer to recognition (Indianz.com) 4/16/14

High court: State must recognize Fort Sill Apaches (Santa Fe New Mexican) 4/16/14

Virginia Indian tribes move one step closer to federal recognition (Tidewater Review) 4/3/14

Senate Indian Affairs approves Tester and Walsh's Little Shell recognition bill (Tester Press Release) 4/2/14

New Mexico high court orders tribal recognition (Miami Herald) 4/14/14

Bill to recognize Nansemonds passes committee (Suffolk News-Herald) 4/2/14

N.M. Supreme Court to hear Fort Sill Apaches' case next month (Albuquerque Journal) 3/26/14

Fort Sill Apaches seek recognition (Albuquerque Journal) 3/27/14

A giant step forward for equal voting rights in native lawsuit (Indian Country Today) 3/20/14

Appeals panel says Nooksack ouster must get federal approval (The Olympian) 3/18/14

Cherokee Freedmen continue fight for citizenship (Oklahoma's Own) 3/6/14

'Nooksack 306' wards off disenrollment with multiple legal actions (Indian Country Today) 3/3/14

Local tribes share their struggle for federal recognition in panel discussion Saturday (Monterey Herald) 2/22/14

DOI requests summary judgement in Cherokee Freedmen case (Native Times) 2/3/14

Nipmuc Nation files federal suit seeking recognition as tribe (Boston Business Journal) 1/27/14

Tribal 'disenrollment' reaches Oregon's Grande Rondes, proves gut-wrenching for some (Oregon Live) 1/20/14

Disenrollment from Native American tribes leaves families 'culturally homeless' (Deseret News) 1/20/14

Tester statement on Little Shell recognition progress (John Tester ) 1/17/14

Pamunkey Indian tribe one step closer to federal recognition (Indian Country Today) 1/17/14

Opinion: BIA should not be allowed to make enrollment decisions for tribes (Indian Country Today) 1/15/14


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