2015 Culture and Tradition News Stories

Federal judge rules tribe can continue Urban Outfitters lawsuit (Albuquerque Journal) 12/28/15

Ban on disparaging trademarks violates First Amendment, Federal Circuit rules in band's appeal (ABA Journal) 12/23/15

Federal court to clarify legality of Native American adoptions (Verde Independent) 12/19/15

It takes a tribe: ICWA under assault (Native American Times) 12/18/15

We hope the U.S. will honor Billy Frank's life and his dream (North County Outlook) 12/16/15

Federal judge dismisses Anti-ICWA Suit (Indian Country Today) 12/11/15

John Trudell, American Indian Movement activist, poet and actor, dies in California at 69 (Star Tribune) 12/9/15

Event focuses on foster care of Indian children (The Robesonian) 12/2/15

Gay marriage is legal but not on tribal lands (ABC News) 11/27/15

Native tribes want cultural sites protected (The Journal) 11/25/15

Court sides with Indian inmates over closure of sweat lodge (Indianz) 11/24/15

Senate bill introduced to rename wildlife refuge after Billy Frank Jr. (Indian Country Today) 11/20/15

Honoring Billy Frank Jr.: a Presidential Medal of Freedom, and a Bellingham Street (Indian Country Today) 11/17/15

Tribes recruit foster families (KOAM) 11/14/15

Tribes want protections for sacred grizzlies to stay (TRIB) 11/13/15

Tribes sue Caltrans for alleged destruction of cultural resources (Indian Country Today) 11/3/15

Senate passes National Bison Day resolution (Newsroom) 11/5/15

Immersion school bill clears hurdle (Indianz) 11/5/15

Native American Rights Fund in Boulder notes 45 years of legal service (Denver Post) 11/3/15

CRIT appeals to Obama in dispute over solar projects (Havasu News) 11/2/15

Alaska Supreme Court decision effectively blocks Alaska native families from asserting their rights under the Indian Child Welfare Act (Alaska Native Federation) 10/28/15

State, feds defend tribal adoption law (Casa Grande Dispatch) 10/20/15

Couples sue over tribal adoption hurdles (Wall Street Journal) 10/16/15

Momentum created by tribal official's White House work (Jamestown Sun) 10/19/15

Brown signs AB 30, Redskin mascot banned (Union Democrat) 10/13/15

Seattle City Council votes to acknowledge "historical traumas" of American Indian boarding school policy (The Stranger) 10/13/15

Alaska is first State to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day (Indian Country Today) 10/13/15

Indigenous Peoples' Day recognized for first time in Michigan (Public News Service) 10/12/15

Columbus' 'legacy' takes hits during St. Paul's first-ever Indigenous Peoples Day (Twin Cities) 10/12/15

U.S. Supreme Court: Jim Thorpe's body to remain in town that bears his name (Morning Call) 10/5/15

UA researchers release new findings in tribal child welfare study (Native American Times) 10/1/15

AVCP panel offers solutions for tribal-state child welfare (Alaska Public Media) 10/1/15

SD officials, inmates group adjust ceremonial tobacco policy (Rapid City Journal) 9/30/15

Tribe receives $1 Million from Department of Justice (Indian Country Today) 9/26/15

Erin Grace: Reservation boarding school promotes tribal culture (Indianz) 9/21/15

For Mashpee Wampanoag tribe, a homecoming (Boston Globe) 9/19/15

George Will gets it all wrong in his attack on ICWA (Indian Country Today) 9/13/15

Want to lead a more sustainable lifestyle? Here are some ideas (Indian Country Today) 9/11/15

Improving treatment of Native American children Washington Post (News List Online) 9/7/15

OPINION: Indian Child Welfare Act doesn't help Indian children (Indianz) 9/3/15

UNM research project examines modern impact of historical trauma (Daily Lobo) 9/2/15

OPINION: The case for tribal lands in trust: giving back to rural Alaska communities (Alaska Business) 9/1/15

Rhonda Pitka: Alaska Natives put priority on subsistence rights (Indianz) 9/1/15

Obama announces Alaska's Mount McKinley to be renamed Denali � and lawmakers Are Angry (Policy Mic) 8/31/15

Local activist wants the Seattle City Council to acknowledge the trauma of American Indian boarding schools (The Stranger) 8/21/15

Native Americans' totem pole journeys to oppose coal exports (Native Times) 8/21/15

Tribes encouraged that Kennewick Man will be reburied (Tri-City Herald) 8/20/15

Native Americans lose fight for long hair in prisons (Dailynews724) 8/7/15

Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage doesn't apply to tribes (Fronteras) 7/31/15

Juvenile Justice System failing Native Americans, studies show (NPR) 7/31/15

Fort Wingate back to Indian Country: Pueblo say ‘yes,’ Navajo Nation says ‘maybe’ (Indian Country Today) 7/23/15

Navajo Nation eases leaders' language requirements (Salt Lake Tribune) 7/22/15

More children live in poverty today than during 2008 recession (USA Today) 7/21/15

25 years of the Native American Graves and Repatriation Act (KJSD) 7/20/15

Expose the lies told about ICWA (Indian Country Today) 7/17/15

American youth gather at White House for inaugural summit (UPI) 7/09/15

Arizona lawsuit challenges Indian adoption preference (Arizona Daily Sun) 7/08/15

War of words: ICWA faces multiple assaults from adoption industry (Indian Country Today) 7/08/15

Arizona think tank challenges US Indian Child Welfare Act (AP) 7/07/15

Tribal marriages might trump same-sex ban by states (Indian Country Today) 6/24/15

Kennewick Man linked to Native Americans (IOL SciTech) 6/19/2015

Pope Francis: indigenous peoples 'should be the principal dialogue partners' on projects (Indian Country Today) 6/18/15

Senators Schatz, Thune, colleagues introduce bipartisan legislation to improve and grow tourism in Native communities (Senator Thune) 6/17/2015

Judge denies injunction request for NextEra solar power project (EnergyCentral) 6/16/2015

Montana tribe: We're entitled to more than 2 bison (HeraldNet) 6/15/2015

Why 2016 is the ideal election for a Native candidate (Indain Country Today) 6/10/2015

Cheyenne River Sioux tribe goes smoke-free (Indian Country Today) 6/9/2015

Parisian auction house plans to sell more Hopi Katsinam Wednesday (Indian Country Today) 6/9/2015

American Indian couple sues over adoption notification laws (Native Times) 6/9/2015

California student wears eagle feather at graduation after lawsuit (The Telegraph) 6/5/2015

Foster-parenting rules may change for natives (Durango Herald) 6/1/2015

Jim Thorpe's sons ask Supreme Court to allow reburial (New York Times) 6/2/015

BIA politicizes placement of Indian children in new rule (Indianz) 6/1/2015

Jail time over eagle feathers? One Native American's religious freedom fight (Catholic News Agency) 5/29/2015

Navajo Nation to decide on fluency requirements for candidates (Indianz) 5/29/2015

Native village secures return of ancestral territory (Indianz) 5/26/2015

Law helps tribes reclaim remains from museums (Arizona Daily Star) 5/25/2015

ICWA opponents wrong to cite blood quantum (Indianz) 5/25/2015

Starr County gardener finds peyote patches, looks towards legal path for the Native American medicine (The Monitor) 5/23/2015

Navajo Nation wages battle over 'Navajo' products (Indianz) 5/22/2015

School bars Indian student's eagle feather (Courthouse News) 5/22/2015

Rep. Gosar spearheads bipartisan effort to protect sacred Hopi artifacts from auction (Gosar.gov) 5/21/2015

Why the US and Canada fear a human rights court, pt. I: the global expansion of international law (Indian Country Today) 5/21/2015

Are tribal courts developed enough for VAWA? Pascua Yaqui proves it (Indian Country Today) 5/20/2015

Burials, sacred objects returned to tribes (Cortez Journal) 5/20/2015

Report calls for changes in handling of Native American children in foster care (Black Hills Fox) 5/16/15

What's lurking behind the suicides? (New York Times) 5/16/2015

Proposed changes to tighten enforcement of ICWA (Native American Times) 5/15/2015

FBI broke rules in probe into Keystone XL Pipeline opponents (Indianz) 5/13/15

Young Din� walk another 350 miles in prayer for people, land, culture (Indian Country Today) 5/6/15

Montana governor signs bills to encourage Indian language preservation, immersion programs (Greenfield Reporter) 5/6/15

Native American activists work to remove offensive site names (Chicago Daily Law Bulletin) 5/4/15

Navajo zoo receives permit to provide protected eagle feathers (AZ Daily Sun) 5/1/15

Rare silent film featuring Native American cast, customs screens decades after surviving Dallas fire (Dallas News) 4/29/15

American Indian mascot bill fails (Loveland News) 4/29/15

Opinion: Federal circuit ruling could harm Blackhorse case; NFL no longer tax-exempt (Indian Country Today) 4/29/15

Washington state tribe's whale hunting request triggers new backlash (Reuters) 4/29/15

History of the Mandan People wins 2015 Pulitzer Prize (Indian Country Today) 4/26/15

Sea Shepherd announces revival of campaign against Makah treaty rights (IREHR) 4/22/15

Racial slurs shouldn't be trademarked (Slate) 4/21/15

Eagle feathers case continues (Native News) 4/21/15

NAGRPA grants awarded to help repatriate remains, cultural objects (Indian Country Today) 4/21/15

County addresses spiritual needs of inmates (Indianz) 4/20/15

Corps says it can release Feather River Levee artifacts (ENR California) 4/18/15

Colorado Republicans ready to kill mascot bill in Senate (Indian Country Today) 4/14/15

Whale magic in the 21st century: Study brings the Makah closer to whaling (Indian Country Today) 3/31/15

Senate seeks to kill Mascot Bill; Sponsor receives more hate mail (Indian Country Today) 3/27/15

Native Americans threaten lawsuit over Levee artifacts (Fox 40) 3/20/15

Louise Erdrich wins Library of Congress award (New York Times) 3/17/15

Federal judge rules for tribe in dispute over eagle permits (WRAL) 3/13/15

New longhouse at UW a dream realized (Seattle Times) 3/12/15

Urban Outfitters seeks review of decision in Navajo case (Herald Media) 3/11/15

U.S. returns eagle feathers to Lipan Apache religious leader after court fight (Indian Country Today) 3/10/15

Two high schools refuse to play opponent named 'Redskins' (Indian Country Today) 3/7/15

Choctaw translation project eagerly anticipated (Mission Network News) 3/5/15

Grants will help Ojibwe language preservation efforts (Indian Country Today) 2/22/15

Native American activist to sue Facebook over site's 'real name' policy (The Guardian) 2/19/15

Opinion: My high school mascot is offensive (Education Week) 2/17/15

Human remains found on Bainbridge will be repatriated to Suquamish Tribe (My Northwest) 2/6/15

Museum hosts play and panel on Jim Thorpe repatriation dispute (Indianz) 2/11/15

Facebook fail: Native Americans accused of using fake names (IB Times) 2/10/15

Researchers, Native American team to protect artifacts (Laboratory Equipment) 2/10/15

Two men, one cause: Elected officials in D.C., Denver take on Native American mascots (Indian Country Today) 2/5/15

Lawmaker sponsors Little Shell Tribe bill to remove "halfbreed" from place names (Fox Business) 2/5/15

North Dakota Natives win eagle feather fight for graduating students (Indian Country Today) 2/15

Why Native Americans are concerned about potential exploitation of their DNA (Genetic Literacy Project) 2/2/15

The bizarre ESP experiments conducted on aboriginal children without parental consent (Washington Post) 1/16/15

Opinion: NAGPRA, Indian burials, and the unquiet grave (Jurist) 11/22/14

Ruling could boost Native American inmates' case (Montgomery Advertiser) 1/21/15

Controversy over Jim Thorpe's remains subject of play reading, panel discussion (Indian Country Today) 1/21/15

To some in California, founder of church missions is far from saint (New York Times) 1/21/15

Kennewick Man's DNA likely that of a Native (Herald Net) 1/20/15

Broken promises on display at Native American treaties exhibit (NPR) 1/18/15

Opinion: NAGPRA and Congress's foresight (Jurist) 1/18/15

Mille Lacs Band State of the Nation focuses on cultural sovereignty (Indian Country Today) 1/17/15

Squaw Island to be renamed 'Deyowenoguhdoh' (Buffalo News) 1/16/15

Navajo president rejects language fluency bill (Salon) 1/3/15

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