2015 Sacred Places News Stories

Native American San Carlos Apache tribe takes on BHP, Rio Tinto over plans to mine sacred site (ABC News Australia) 12/27/15

Indian tribes, Lake County sign pact to improve protection of cultural sites (Press Democrat) 12/21/15

Native Sun News: Tribes oppose uranium mine near sacred site (Indianz) 12/14/15

Lakota Country Times: Blackfeet Nation wins ruling for sacred site (Indianz) 12/8/15

Hawaii's TMT: did indigenous rights just beat astronomical discovery? (The Christian Science Monitor) 12/5/15

U.S. to cancel lease on land sacred to Blackfoot Indian tribes (PennEnergy) 11/24/15

Blackfeet Nation wins ruling against development at sacred site (Indianz) 11/23/15

Bernie Sanders introduces bill to protect Oak Flat -- Native American place of worship (Black Star News) 11/8/15

Native Americans fight mining on sacred land (Public News Service) 11/5/15

Blackfeet cultural leaders take legal action to protect tribe's ancient homeland (Earth Justice) 11/2/15

Grijalva introduces landmark bill to create Grand Canyon-Area National Monument to honor area tribal history, protect watershed (Natural Resources) 11/2/15

Tribes say bypass destroyed sacred sites (Courthouse News) 11/2/15

Shinnecock Nation loses attempt to revive ancestral land claim (Indianz) 10/28/15

Film series to look at 'Sacred Places' (Daily Star) 10/18/15

Five tribal nations petition President Obama to create tribally co-managed National Monument (PR Web) 10/16/15 (See Also: Bears Ears Coalition Materials at Turtle Talk)

Tribes outline proposal for national monument in Utah (GNMG) 10/15/15

Karen Kitcheyan Jones: Site not sacred to the Apache people (Indianz) 10/15/15

Arizona tribes back creation of new monument at Grand Canyon (Indianz) 10/14/15

Lakota Country Times: Democrats support change for sacred site (Indianz) 10/13/15

Snoqualmie Falls is sacred tribal ground and must be protected (Seattle Times) 10/13/15

Court throws out emergency restrictions for Mauna Kea (Hawaii News) 10/11/15

Lac Vieux Desert Band won decision affecting car title loan firm (Indianz) 9/29/15

Snoqualmie Tribe fights transportation project at sacred site (Indianz) 9/17/15

Angela Aleiss: San Carlos Apache Tribe battles for sacred site (Indianz) 9/16/15

Protecting sacred sites: Blood Run faces development pressures (Indian Country Today) 9/14/15

A displaced California tribe reclaims sacred land (High Country News) 9/14/15

How close is close? Enviros, energy industry fight over Chaco Canyon (WatchDog) 9/10/15

Plan for stadium site should honor American Indian values (STL Today) 9/10/15

Science and religion fight over Hawaii's highest point (CNN) 8/27/15

Debra White Plume: Oglala Sioux Tribe battles uranium mine (Indianz) 8/18/15

Site sacred to Sioux takes step toward federal trust (Star Tribune) 8/19/15

Snoqualmie Tribe says city is building on sacred ground (Seattle Times) 8/12/15

Tribes call for new national monument on sacred lands in Utah (Indianz) 8/5/15

Native American sue after government destroys burial site (The Beckett Fund) 8/5/15

A battle over land sacred for Apache and lucrative for a mining company (MSNBC) 7/31/15

San Carlos Apache Tribe lands in DC to rally for sacred site (Indianz) 7/22/15

Appeals court sides with Pit River Tribe in sacred site dispute (Indianz) 7/21/15

Firm objects to delay in drilling on land sacred to Indians (Great Falls Tribune) 7/15/15

Quapaw official: tribe not seeking Arkansas land for casino, sees site as sacred place (Joplin Globe) 7/11/15

Montana tribe ends talks on drilling on sacred land (Salt Lake Tribune) 7/09/15

House adds sacred sites amendment to Interior appropriations bill (Indianz) 7/08/15

Native Americans protest proposed Arizona copper mine (Reuters) 7/06/15

Program of facilitated learning engagements regarding sacred sites and tribal relations (DC Bids) 6/26/15

Native Sun News: firm pushes mine by sacred site in Wyoming (Indianz) 6/24/15

Supporters open national prayer days to protect sacred places (Indianz) 6/19/15

Bill repeals land swap for mine on sacred Apache site in Arizona (Indianz) 6/19/15

Hopi Tribe working on settlement over wastewater at sacred site (Indianz) 6/16/15

Judge demands explanation for long delay on energy lease in area held sacred by Indian tribes (The Wire) 6/17/2015

Oklahoma Creeks oppose Alabama Indian gambling compact (Native Times) 6/12/2015

Judge to hear arguments in Blackfeet Nation sacred site dispute (Indianz) 6/9/2015

A raging debate in Hawaii may slam the door on an unprecedented opportunity to study the universe (Business Insider) 5/21/2015

Tribes ask feds to reject permit for coal-export project (Washington Times) 5/14/15

Standing on sacred ground PBS World Series premieres Sunday (Huffington Post) 5/21/2015

Native hunting site may become National Historic Landmark (Go Skagit) 5/3/15

Native hunting site may become National Historic Landmark (Montana Standard) 4/30/15

Sacred native site to be buried by New St. Louis NFL stadium (Indian Country Today) 4/29/15

NCAI, tribal nations, Pearl Jam and Change.orghelp Blackfeet protect sacred Badger-Two Medicine site (Indian Country Today) 4/27/15

Blackfeet Nation launches campaign to ban drilling at sacred site (Indianz) 4/23/15

The heart of the Hawaiian peoples' arguments against the telescope on Mauna Kea (Smithsonian Mag) 4/23/15

Treaty Council calls for US and international support for Mauna Kea (Indian Country Today) 4/15/15

Chief of Blackfeet Nation seeks President's support in ending oil leases on sacred lands (Indian Country Today) 4/13/15

Giant telescope project halted on sacred Mauna Kea; Protests continue (Indian Country Today) 4/9/15

Grand Canyon Association wants to help tribes rediscover sacred sites (Indian Country Today) 4/5/15

Parties await ruling in latest appeal over sacred Medicine Lake (Indianz) 4/3/15

Blackfeet Nation opposes energy development on sacred lands (Indianz) 3/30/15

Judge: No public tours on cultural site without tribes' OK (Lewiston Tribune) 3/23/15

National Park Service announces historic preservation grants for Indian tribes (National Park Service Press Release) 3/18/15

North Shore heiau center of desecration allegation (Hawaii News Now) 3/17/15

Navajo Nation reaches put to IACHR in San Francisco Peaks battle (Indian Country Today) 3/16/15

Canyon country controversy (Durango Herald) 3/6/15

To climb Morro Rock or not? Question divides 2 Native American tribes (LA Times) 3/14/15

Quiet ceremony concludes Sealaska land transfer after years of work (Juneau Empire) 3/8/15

9th Circuit to consider Medicine Lake sacred site dispute again (Indianz) 3/4/15

Mine proposed near sacred site in Black Hills (Indianz) 3/3/15

Yavapai-Apache Chairman: "Oak Flat Holy Sites are central to Apache spiritual beliefs" (Indian Country Today) 2/4/15

San Carlos Apache Tribe to hold spiritual march to sacred site (Indianz) 2/3/15

Protecting Native American sacred sites (Global Voices) 2/3/15

Opinion: Spiritual unity can save sacred Apache Land from mining (Indian Country Today) 2/3/15

Native American Land Conservancy works to protect sacred site (Indianz) 1/21/15

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