2016 Sacred Places News Stories

A tribal coalition wins a monument for Bears Ears (High Country News) 12/28/16

Months-long Dakota Access pipeline protest tops year in news (Bismarck Tribune) 12/20/16

Congressman Rob Bishop betting that there will be no Bears Ears monument (Salt Lake Tribune) 12/15/16

Gila River tribe files motion to halt South Mountain Freeway construction (KPNX) 12/13/16

In their own words: the 'water protectors' of Standing Rock (NPR) 12/11/16

After 14 years, defenders of the Black Hills disbanding (Rapid City Journal) 12/11/16

Standing Rock: historic win for Nativw American religious freedom (Religious Freedom Center) 12/8/16

Dakota Access Pipeline disputes small fine for disturbing tribal site (Indianz) 12/8/16

How religious conservatives unwittingly laid the groundwork to help Native Americans save their land (ThinkProgress) 12/8/16

Mapping project reveals unexpected uranium company claims active in the Black Hills (Native Sun News) 12/7/16

Hawaii Supreme Court dismisses Thirty Meter Telescope opponents' appeal (NBC News) 12/7/16

Pipeline decision marks victory in tribal effort to protect sacred sites (Minnesota Public Radio) 12/7/16

Bishop to meet with Trump transition team to discuss overturning monument decisions (KSL) 12/3/16

Tribal leaders press feds on NM drilling plan (Longview News-Journal) 12/3/16

A new scientific study bolsters the argument for Grand Canyon National Heritage Monument (Phoenix New Times) 12/2/16

Canadian First Nation tribe argues in Supreme Court "Bear Spirit would leave" if ski resort developed on sacred lands (Unofficial Networks) 12/1/16

Amah Mutsun Native Tribe: proposed gravel mine would violate sacred ground (San Jose Inside) 11/30/16

Bears Ears: correcting an off-base argument (High Country News) 11/30/16

US cancels drilling leases in Badger-Two Medicine area (Ravalli Republic) 11/18/16

Gregory Canyon landfill plan trashed: Pala Tribe buys land to protect sacred sites and habitat (East County Magazine) 11/18/16

Lakota Country Times: tribes unite to buy sacred Bear Butte land (Indianz) 11/18/16

Sacred land protection efforts face questions with Donald Trump (Indianz) 11/18/16

Blackfeet Nation scores victories on sacred sites and water rights (Indianz) 11/17/16

Burial ground at center of police confrontations is known historical site (Bismarck Tribune) 11/13/16

Lawsuit: Army denies access to Hawaiian cultural sites (Native Times) 11/9/16

The battle for Bears Ears (Utah Business) 11/8/16

Native American beliefs key to understanding Dakota Pipeline protests (Newsweek) 11/6/16

Hawaii's Thirty Meter Telescope could end up in the Canary Islands (The Atlantic) 11/4/16

Tribes buy Bear Butte land for $1.1M (Rapid City Journal) 11/3/16

Dakota Access Pipeline protesters confront police as tension mounts over sacred site (ABC News) 11/2/16

Company showed 'lack of transparency' in reporting artifacts discovery in days leading up to pipeline conflict (Bismarck Tribune) 11/1/16

Oregon Occupation unites Native American tribes to save their land (NPR) 10/27/16

Washington tribes want better plan to protect sacred sites (Yakima Herald) 10/25/16

Wisconsin can only watch mine planned amid sacred sites at river's edge (The Chippewa Herald) 10/23/16

The bid for Bears Ears (High Country News) 10/16/16

The Bears Ears National Monument would be the bee's knees (LA Times) 10/15/16

State-commissioned archaeological study denies Standing Rock experts a voice (Indian Country Today) 10/6/16

Energy firm still seeking to drill on sacred Blackfeet Nation land (Indianz) 10/5/16

Tribe ramps up freeway fight over sacred mountain (Ahwatukee Foothills News) 10/5/16

Landslide vote quashes 400-acre development project in Southern CA, saves sacred sites (Indian Country Today) 10/5/16

Native Hawaiians fight another telescope project on sacred ground (Indianz) 10/4/16

Tribe disputes state archaeologist's report for Dakota Access pipeline (Grand Forks Herald) 10/4/16

Under Hawaii's starriest skies, a fight over sacred ground (The New York Times) 10/3/16

Cochiti Pueblo reclaims ancestral land in deal with New Mexico (Indianz) 9/30/16

No Native American artifacts found at North Dakota pipeline site, officials say (WCSI) 9/28/16

Paiute tribe seeks Lake Powell Pipeline route through, not around, its reservation (Salt Lake Tribune) 9/26/16

Draft memo on pipeline says survey found no burials (Grand Forks Herald) 9/26/16

Dakota Access buys land near encampment where tribe claims sacred sites disturbed (Grand Forks Herald) 9/23/16

Some Navajo locals join lawmakers opposing Bears Ears national monument (Tucson Sentinel) 9/22/16

Archeologists denounce Dakota Access pipeline for destroying artifacts (News Grio) 9/22/16

Anti-monument rally: 'Please don't take this land from us' (KSL) 9/21/16

Pipeline protests a spiritual struggle (Press-Citizen) 9/20/16

Mining leaves a Wisconsin tribe's hallowed sites at risk (Environmetnal Health News) 9/19/16

Michigan mine threatens tribe's sacred sites (Journal Sentinel) 9/16/16

Archaeologist group urges Army Corps of Engineers to ‘learn from past errors’ on sacred sites (MintPress) 9/16/16 (SAA Letter)

Constitution check: does the government have power to protect sacred Indian sites? (Constitution Center) 9/13/16

World Conservation Congress votes to protect indigenous sacred lands (The Ecologist) 9/13/16

Tribe appeals judge's ruling, seeks new injunction to protect sacred sites (West Central Tribune) 9/11/16

Native American tribes, Grijalva lead move to conserve Gila River land (Cronkite News) 9/8/16

Lawyer representing Shutesbury solar farm developer says opponents' civil rights lawsuit has no merit (Mass Live) 9/8/16

Historical Indian massacre sites and cemeteries (Pt. 2 in Series) (Native Sun News) 9/7/16

Hopi chairman says Escalade project could restart legal battle with Navajo Nation (Arizona Public Radio) 9/7/16

Hearing ordered after Standing Rock Sioux Tribe reports destruction of sacred sites (Indianz) 9/5/16

U.S. Rep. Grijalva and tribal members unite for protection of Great Bend of the Gila (Yuma Sun) 9/2/16

President Obama honors sanctity of Lake Tahoe to Washoe Tribe (Indianz) 9/1/16

Are historic massacre sites and cemeteries sacred ground or tourist attractions and commercial property? (Pt.1 in Series) (Native Sun News) 8/31/16

Gila River tribe votes to appeal court's decision on freeway (Casa Grande Dispatch) 8/31/16

Obama creates world's largest marine protected area (Value Walk) 8/26/16

Group gathers to say prayers for water near Dakota Access Pipeline site (Valley News) 8/21/16

Indian Point goes on National Register of Historic Places (Indian Country Today) 8/19/16

International law and the Rights of Nature: Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth (UDRME) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) (Earth Center) August 2016

Shutesbury planners ask solar project developers to check site more thoroughly for Native remains (Daily Hampshire Gazette) 8/18/16

An oil pipeline, ancient Native American burial grounds, and the story nobody is talking about (Global Citizen) 8/17/16

Hopi snowmaking lawsuit dismissed (AZ Daily Sun) 8/16/16

National monument proposals in vogue as Obama prepares exit (Gloucester Times) 8/15/16

Report finds mismanagement in National Park Service regarding Native burial ground in Iowa (Omaha World-Herald) 8/13/16

Federal board renames Harney Peak to Black Elk Peak (Rapid City Journal) 8/12/16

When it comes to the Black Hills, Sacred Pipe must be honored, Elder says (Indian Country Today) 8/10/16

Natives at Sacred Stone camp stand in path of Dakota Access Pipeline (Narcosphere) 8/10/16

Why are Utah outdoor retailers muzzling locals, Native tribes? [Bears Ears] (Before It's News) 8/8/16

New hearings begin on embattled proposed Mauna Kea telescope (NBC News) 8/8/16

Mountain stands tall as battle over telescope wages below (West Hawaii Today) 8/7/16

Highway Project [Round Valley Indian Tribes v. U.S. Dept. of Transportation] (Courthouse News) 8/3/16

Tribes protest Dakota Access pipeline on Capitol grounds (Inforum) 8/2/16

Confronting our history and 'unspeakable acts' at the site of the Sand Creek massacre (LA Times) 7/31/16

WayHome Festival accused of permit infractions that may have disturbed sacred Native sites (The Fader) 7/29/16

Standing Rock Sioux sues Corps over oil pipeline permits (ABC News) 7/28/16

Time running out on Bears Ears (The Spectrum) 7/28/16

Tribe files lawsuit over pipeline (Bismarck Tribune) 7/28/16

Spiritual vultures: films explore cultural appropriation by New Agers (Indian Country Today) 7/25/16

Where oil and gas meet sacred lands, tribe defends 'last stronghold' (E&E Publishing) 7/22/16

Utah national monument proposal stirs fierce debate (Nano News) 7/17/16

Obama receives 550,000 signatures demanding he designate Grand Canyon National Monument (Phoenix New Times) 7/7/16

'World's largest biker bar' puts sin city at base of Bear Butte (Indian Country Today) 6/23/16

After having land stolen for generations, Juaneño Indians get a sliver back (LA Times) 6/23/16

Don't just save the Grand Canyon. Save the wider region, too. (High Country News) 6/22/16

Bakken pipeline will run under sacred tribal site (Des Moines Register) 6/20/16

Regaining access to sacred lands (Truthout) 6/18/18

Would Bears Ears monument hinder or protect Native American religion? (Deseret News) 6/18/16

Gods and monsters: Bulldozer rips into ancient sacred site (Indian Country Today) 6/18/16 (See Te_Moak Tribe v. U.S. Dept. of Interior)

PUEO, TMT participation in contested case opposed (Big Island Video News) 6/15/16

At rest for the moment: Update on Mauna Kea Anti-TMT Movement (Indian Country Today) 6/15/16

How national monument designation could harm Bears Ears antiquities (Before It's News) 6/15/16

Bears Ears Cultural Area: The most vulnerable U.S. site for looting, vandalism, and grave robbing (Center for American Progress) 6/13/16

Supreme Court won't take up dispute over solar plant on sacred land (Indianz) 6/6/16

A major Native American site is being looted. Will Obama risk armed confrontation to save it? (Washington Post) 6/5/15

Putting the Bears Ears in harm's way (Utah Politico) 6/2/16

Rosebud’s plea to protect Bear Butte from ‘World’s Biggest Biker Bar’ rejected (Native Sun News) 5/25/16

The special session Bears Ears debate concludes (The Daily Universe) 5/19/16

West Coal terminal denied, as Corps sides with Lummi tribe (ENR) 5/18/16

Sioux tribes push to protect sacred Black Hills site Pe' Sla (Native Times) 5/16/16

Op-ed: Tribes' involvement would make Bears Ears monument historic and unique (Salt Lake Tribune) 5/14/16

Blackfeet Tribe asks to join court case on Badger-Two Medicine (Independent Record) 5/13/16

Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribal Tribune: Tribes fight coal mine in Texas (Indianz) 5/4/16

Commissioners OK biker bar licensing despite Lakota grandmother's pleas to shield Bear Butte (Native Sun News) 5/4/16

In Utah, the fight for a Bears Ears monument heats up (High Country News) 5/3/16

Lakota Country Times: Governor lectures tribe about sacred lands (Indianz) 5/3/16

Pit River Tribe scores court victory in battle for Medicine Lake (Indian Country Today) 4/25/16

Bears Ears Inter-tribal Coalition encouraged by Secretary Jewell's intentions to visit Bears Ears (Native News Online) 4/21/16

Utah to take stand against proposed Bears Ears National Monument, lawmaker says (KSL) 4/20/16

From Oak Flat to Oakland, the fight to save all of our mountains on Turtle Island (Before It's News) 4/12/16

Fight over Sardis Lake entangled in history, Indian culture and sacred water (KGOU) 4/7/16

Standing on sacred ground on FNX for Earth Day (Indian Country Today) 4/5/16

Blackfeet Nation wants all energy leases canceled at sacred site (Indianz) 3/18/18

Bureau of Indian Affairs places sacred site in Black Hills in trust (Indianz) 3/17/16

Did Obama just block the sale of sacred Apache land to a foreign mining company? Well… (Indian Country Today) 3/17/16

Sacred site Pe' Sla gains Indian land status (Native Times) 3/16/16

Cronkite news: Apache leader welcomes listing at sacred Oak Flat (Indianz) 3/15/16

President Obama's decree may save sacred Apache ceremonial land from being made into a copper mine (OpEdNews) 3/14/16

Remote Utah enclave becomes new battleground over reach of U.S. control, (NY Times) 3/12/16

Hopi Tribe awaits Flagstaff City Council action to approve settlement (Hopi Tribe) 3/11/16

Defendants charged for damaging sacred Burns Paiute Tribe site (Indianz) 3/10/16

Flagstaff Council tables Hopi snowmaking settlement (AZ Daily Sun) 3/9/16

Appeals court rejects challenge to solar plant on sacred tribal land (Indianz) 3/8/16

Terry Rambler: San Carlos Apache Tribe won't destroy sacred site (Indianz) 3/3/16

Sanders champions legislation to protect Oak Flat (Indian Country Today) 3/2/16

Plan to protect 1.7 million acres at Grand Canyon claims new support (Havasu News) 2/21/16

Ammon Bundy responds to claims from prosecutors that occupiers trashed sacred Native American site (Democratic Underground) 2/18/16

Shinnecock Nation weighs options over theft of ancestral lands (Indianz) 2/17/16

To save their homeland, 25 tribes unite in the Southwest (High Country News) 2/17/16

‘It's so disgusting’ Malheur militia dug latrine trenches among sacred artifacts (Indian Country Today) 2/17/16

Chaffetz: PLI gives tribes more of what they want in Bears Ears (Salt Lake Tribune) 2/6/16

Burns Paiute Tribe to feds: stop allowing Bundy free passage (The Orgenonian) 1/27/15

Mary Louise Schumacher: tribes rally for sacred sites in Wisconsin [OPINION] (Indianz) 1/25/16

Bears Ears Coalition splits from ‘disrespectful’ congressional reps (Indian Country Today) 1/22/16

Garbage, holes, dog poop: Florida accused of neglecting historic Miami Circle (Miami Herald) 1/20/16

Lost bones, damage and harassment at ancient Sacred Site (Indian Country Today) 1/13/16

‘We don’t want bloodshed’: armed white militants in Oregon v. Paiute Tribe (Indian Country Today) 1/12/16

Ho-Chunk set to rally against effigy mounds bill (LaCrosse Tribune) 1/7/16

Desecration of graves sanctioned by Wisconsin assembly bill (Indian Country Today) 1/6/16


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