2017 Environment & Energy News Stories

BPA celebrates formation of new tribal utility (BPA.Gov) 12/27/17

N.M Dems in Congress push ban on Chavo Canyon drilling (Santa Fe New Mexican) 12/21/17

Senator Udall condems provision in GOP tax bill that opens Arctic Refuge to drilling (Native News Online) 12/21/17

New Mexico Attorney General, activists sue BLM for delay venting and flaring rule (Current-Argus) 12/20/17

Osage Nation: Wind farm stirs legal battles (Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise) 12/18/17

Menominee Tribe addresses mine project wetland issues (Native News Online) 12/18/17

Puyallup Tribe leads protest against liquefied-natural-gas plant at Tacoma Port (Seattle Times) 12/18/17

Tribes oppose planned bioterror tests near Oklahoma graves (Fox News) 12/16/17

Opening the Arctic to oil exploration threatens way of life (Native News Online) 12/13/17

Bill John Baker: Cherokee Nation takes the lead in embracing green energy solutions (Indianz) 12/12/17

Appeals Court upholds Grand Canyon Uranium Mining Ban (Center for Biological Diversity) 12/12/17 (National Mining Association v. Zinke)

Native Sun News Today: Tribes promise 'war' over gold mining in sacred Black Hills (Indianz) 12/11/17

Senators Warren, Merkely, and Udall join the Gwich'in indigenous pray-in against GOP tax bill (Common Dreams) 12/7/17

Native village, conservation groups sue BLM over mine on Chilkat River (Juneau Empire) 12/6/17

Acoma Pueblo seeks federal disaster declaration (Albuquerque Journal) 12/6/17

Republicans are using some very shaky math to justify drilling in the Arctic refuge (Grist) 12/6/17

Narragansett Tribe plans to sue FERC over gas pipeline approval in Berkshire County (Mass Live) 12/6/17

Victory for tribes as court orders more oversight of DAPL (Public News Service) 12/5/17

The GOP tax bill could forever alter Alaska's indigenous tribes (The Atlantic) 12/2/17

Tribal leaders take aim at oil, gas development (HJ News) 11/21/17

Keystone pipeline alternative route approved by Nebraska commission (CBS News) 11/20/17

Tribes make renewed push for pipeline protections (Los Angeles Times) 11/18/17

Keystone pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota (Los Angeles Times) 11/16/17

Native American Heritage Month: The decades-long struggle for environmental justice (The Chronicle) 11/16/17

Indigenous groups win greater climate recognition at Bonn summit (The Guardian) 11/15/17

Alaska Native corporation welcomes action on bill to open lands to development (Indianz) 11/15/17

Flagstaff council opposes transportation of uranium through city in 6-1 vote (Navajo-Hopi Observer) 11/14/17

Hopi tribe's chairman dissapointed over canyon mining plan (U.S. News) 11/8/17

As coal plant shutdwon looms, Arizona's Navajos and Hopis look for economic solutions (Navajo-Hopi Observer) 11/7/17

Dakota Access sued for damage to farmland as tribes seek assurances for water (Indianz) 11/2/17

Dakota Access builder and Corps object to tribal proposal (The Washington Post) 11/2/17

Hoopa Valley Tribe battles dangerous environmental assault (Native News Online) 11/2/17 (See 115th Congress H.R.1769)

Menominee Nation leader asks tribes for help fighting back Forty Mine (Business North) 10/30/17

Trump administration plans to approve huge Southern California solar farm (Desert Sun.) 10/27/17

Oil pipeline opponent uses 'Necessity Defense'- What is it? (New York Times) 10/25/17

Booker, Ruiz introduce landmark envrionmental justice bill (U.S. Senator Cory Booker) 10/24/17 (See 115th Congress H.R.4114)

Rising sea levels creating first Native American climate refugees (Science Daily) 10/23/17

Why Native American women are going after Europe's banks to divest from big oil (Yes! Magazine) 10/21/17

Menominee Tribe in US fights to defend sacred site from mining by Canada company (Sputnik) 10/20/17

Native Sun News Today: Tribes decry court ruling favoring Dakota Access Pipeline (Indianz) 10/20/17

Native American leaders seek federal climate change action (LMT Online) 10/19/17

Court declines to vacate environmental assessment of Dakota Access Pipeline, permitting oil to flow during remand (The National Law Review) 10/16/17 (See Standing Rock Sioux Tribe v. U.S Army Corps of Engineers)

BLM fracking rules on Ute Tribal lands remains uncharged (UB Media) 10/10/17

Judge rules Dakota Access pipeline can remain open during review (Washington Examiner) 10/1117

Dakota Access review delayed until mid-April (Williston Herald) 10/9/17

Feds reconsider royalty payments on oil, gas, coal (Missoulian) 10/7/17

House committee approves Native American Energy Act in near party-line split (Indianz) 10/5/17 (See 115th Congress H.R. 210)

Lawmakers, Indian tribes, HSU call for national ban on trophy hunting of grizzly bears in lower 48 states (The Humane Society) 10/3/17 (See 115th Congeess H.R. 3894)

Tribal issues absent from court's fracking rule decision (E&E News) 10/2/17

Reconciliation needed with indigenous peoples over energy projects (Third World Network) 9/29/17

Regulators approve Sacred Wind solar proposal (The Seattle Times) 9/28/17

Court holds project construction constitutes 'mining' on tribal lands (JD Supra) 9/27/17 (See United States v. Osage Wind, LLC.)

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs hosts session on consultation and infrastructure (Indianz) 9/27/17

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation awards $20 million in environmental grants (Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation) 9/19/17

Federal judge dismisses case regarding power plant, coal mine (Albuquerque Journal) 9/26/17

Communities in Oregon and northern California prepare to fight fracked-gas pipeline and terminal for third time (Western Environmental Law Center) 9/22/17

The next Standing Rock showdown could be over nuclear waste (OZY) 9/21/17

Tribe seeks voice in nuclear plant cleanup, land restoration (Los Angeles Trimes) 9/21/17

Appeals court reverses judge's decision allowing wind developers to dig on Osage land (Tulsa World) 9/18/17 (See United States v. Osage Wind, LLC.)

State of Alaska renews effort to search for oil in the Artic Refuge (The Wilderness Society) 9/13/17

Native youth "Paddle to Protect" Minnesota's water from another Enbridge pipeline (In These Times) 9/10/17

Yerington Paiute Tribe sues owners of abandoned mine for millions of dollars (Indianz) 9/8/17

Energy company consults Native American tribe on wind farm (The Bismarck Tribune) 9/8/17

Native American Venture Fund joins climate change leaders to discuss offsets and carbon credit transactions within the California market (NewsWire) 9/7/17

Director of Office of Indian Energy quits after more offensive remarks surface (Indianz) 9/5/17

Tribal consultation on wind farm could be model for other projects (The Bismarck Tribune) 9/4/17

Navajo Tribal Utility Authority opens new solar plant (The Daily Wildcat) 9/2/17

N. Cheyenne tribe, other groups, sue to protect Yellowstone bear as hunts anticipated (Billings Gazette) 8/30/17

Treaty tribes upset with appeal in major case amind salmon disaster in Washington (Indianz) 8/29/17 (See Supreme Court Bulletin 2017-2018 Washington v. U.S.)

YES! Magazine: Native communities in Alaska are turning to renewable energy (Indianz) 8/29/17

In Montana's Indian Country, tribes take opposite side on coal (The New York Times) 8/21/17

Enbridge pipeline in Minnesota brings protest, and a tribal liaison's 'abrupt' resignation (CityPages) 8/18/17

What comes next for Clyde River after Supreme Court victory? (The Conversation) 8/17/18

Energy firm seeks to keep illegal pipeline in place over objections of Indian landowners in Oklahoma (Indianz) 8/15/17

Young indigenous activist fights Trump administration in climate change lawsuit (Indianz) 8/11/17

Yellowstone grizzlies removed from threatened species list (Ravalli Republic) 7/31/17

Trump administration seeks to privatize power system tied to treaty tribes (Indianz) 7/28/17

Another pipeline affecting tribal communities heads toward final approval (Indianz) 7/26/17

Tribes fight trade groups' intervention in pipeline dispute (The Washington Post) 7/26/17

This massive natural gas pipeline will run right through Native American communities (ThinkProgress) 7/26/17

Trump administration withdraws fracking standards for Indian Country (Indianz) 7/24/17

In the Grand Canyon, uranium mining threatens a tribe's survival (The Guardian) 7/17/17

Dakota Access pipeline study to take months (Houston Chronicle) 7/18/17

Native American tribe sues fracking companies in Oklahoma (blastingnews) 7/12/17

Tribes plan renewable energy projects with help of $7.8m in federal funds (Indianz) 6/30/17

Ute Mountain Ute Tribe challenges new permit for uranium operation (Indianz) 6/22/17

Tribal nations fight removal of grizzly protections (High Country News) 6/20/17

Future of Dakota Access Pipeline in question again after judge orders review of permits (The Independent) 6/15/17 (See Standing Rock Sioux Tribe v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

Breaking: DAPL approved illegal, Judge finds (Indian Country Today) 6/14/17 (See Standing Rock Sioux Tribe v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

Tribes sign on to Climate Accord (Indian Country Today) 6/10/17

Hearings set on potential Dakota Access pipeline fines (Texarkana Gazette) 6/8/17

A Wisconsin tribe loses a court fight against the city of Green Bay (Wisconsin Public Radio) 6/6/17

Fierce reaction to Paris climate pullout (Indian Country Today) 6/2/17

Tribal nations continuing to support action on climate change and Paris Accord (NARF News) 6/2/17

$3.8 billion Dakota Access oil pipeline begins service (The Dispatch) 6/2/17

Court: State must replace salmon-blocking culverts (Indian Country Today) 5/30/17 (See United States v. State of Washington)

Studies on Navajo coal plant's future poles apart (Arizona Daily Sun) 5/28/17

Tribes give resounding no to EPA questions on uranium mining (Intercontinental Cry) 5/26/17

Hoopa Valley tribe predicts collapse of Klamath Basin Fishery and what they plan to do about it (Native News Online) 5/25/17

Treaty tribes celebrate after court refuses to rehear salmon dispute (Indianz) 5/22/17 (Turtle Talk Materials) (See United States v. State of Washington)

Alaska Natives ask Nevadans to help protect their homeland (Public News Service) 5/22/17 (See 115th Congress S.49 and 115th Congress H.R. 1889)

It's clear sailing for a giant Sioux wind power enterprise (Indian Country Media Network) 5/20/17

Letter: Tribes support Heitkamp's decision not to overturn BLM methane rule (Inforum) 5/20/17

Tribes drop appeal, pipeline battle continues (Industrial Equipment News) 5/18/17

Judge dismisses lawsuit against 5 who pipeline says interfered with project (Grand Forks Herald) 5/18/17

Dakota Access seeks to intervene in Oglala Sioux tribe's lawsuit (Indianz) 5/17/17

Navajo utility, local, native-owned solar-storage systems vendor bring sustainable energy to the reservation (Energy Central) 5/17/17

Tribes in US, Canada unite against Keystone XL oil pipeline (U.S. News) 5/16/17

Trump administration revives huge mine opposed by tribes in Alaska (Indianz) 5/12/17

Dakota Access pipeline has first leak before it's fully operational (The Guardian) 5/10/17

U.S. lawmakers seek looser energy development rules for tribal lands (Reuters) 5/9/17 (See 115th Congress S.245, H.R.210)

Water is rallying cry for opponents at uranium-mine hearing (Rapid City Journal) 5/9/17

Tribal groups press U.S. Senate to keep BLM methane waste rule (Public News Service) 5/8/17

Bering Sea elders condemn executive order on leasing (Bristol Bay Times) 5/5/17

Lawsuit claims Trump's arctic drilling order violates Constitution (HuffPost) 5/4/17

Elders group protests silencing of Native voices (Cordova Times) 5/4/17

Alaska Natives are fighting Trump's call to "drill, baby, drill." (Grist) 5/3/17

Arizona utility regulator seeks federal support for embattled coal plant (AZ Central) 5/2/17

Trump signs order reducing restrictions on offshore drilling (Jurist) 4/29/17

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe drops appeal in Dakota Access lawsuit (Indianz) 4/28/17

Blue Lake Rancheria Native American reservation microgrid goes live (TMC Net) 4/27/17

Repeal of BLM methane rule will pass Senate — Barrasso (Environment & Energy News) 4/27/17 (See 115th Congress S.J.Res.11)

ND tribes want Congress to keep methane waste prevention rule (Public News Service) 4/27/17 (See 115th Congress S.J.Res.11)

Tribes sue Coast Guard over tanker traffic's risk to orcas in Strait of Juan de Fuca (The Seattle Times) 4/26/17

Environmental groups allege Interior Department violated law (Legal News Line) 4/24/17

Montana tribes fight Keystone XL Pipeline, revived by Trump (RollingStone) 4/19/17

Native Americans most at risk from impact of climate change (VOA News) 4/17/17

Dakota Access company can keep some pipeline secrets (U.S. News) 4/12/17

Tribes get a say in Keystone XL hearings (Indian Country Today) 4/11/17

Six more tribes are pursuing marijuana agreements in Washington (Indianz) 4/7/17

Nebraska commission sets hearing date for Keystone XL review (Lincoln Journal Star) 4/5/17

Tribes divided as Zinke changes Obama-era rule on mineral leases (InsideSources) 4/4/17

Tribes that live off coal hold tight to Trump's promises (Boston Globe) 4/1/17

Environmentalists, tribe file lawsuit over Trump climate order (Register Guard) 3/30/17

A Montana tribe is suing the Trump administration over lifting coal moratorium (Business Insider) 3/29/17

Trump's EPA cuts are going to hit Indian tribes hardest (Vocativ) 3/29/17

Tapping traditional wisdom to cope with climate change (InsideScience) 3/28/17

What completed Dakota Access pipeline means for key players (U.S. News) 3/28/17

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe continues to battle Dakota Access Pipeline in court (Indianz) 3/28/17

Tribes' battle over [DAPL] continues (Berkshire Eagle) 3/28/17

Company: Oil in pipeline under Missouri River reservoir, will be in service soon (Billings Gazette) 3/27/17

Advocates prepare for court battle as Trump moves Keystone XL forward (Triple Pundit) 3/27/17

Court rejects Navajo generating station cases (Indian Country Today) 3/27/17 (See Yazzie and Hopi)

Trump OKs Keystone pipeline (ISHN) 3/24/17

Hopi Tribe and Native activists lose cases over aging power plant (Indianz) 3/20/17 (See Yazzie v. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Hopi v. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

US appeals court rejects emergency request to stop oil from flowing through Dakota Access pipeline (Jurist Twenty) 3/19/17

Judge combines 4 tribes' lawsuits over pipeline (Capital Journal) 3/18/17

First utility scale solar plant opens on tribal lands here in Southern Nevada (News3LV) 3/17/17

Tribe takes NRC to mat on uranium permits (Native Sun News Today) 3/15/17

Federal judge denies emergency injunction against Dakota Access Pipeline (Jurist Twenty) 3/15/17

Company asks judge to reject tribal plea on hault of Dakota Access pipeline (Capital Journal) 3/14/17

Tribes resume fight against Keystone XL permit in South Dakota (Indianz) 3/13/17

Keystone XL opponents appeal South Dakota authorization (U.S. News) 3/9/17

Judge refuses to halt Dakota Access as pipeline nears completion (Indianz) 3/7/17

What environmental justice means in Indian Country (KCET) 3/6/17

US officials to hold meeting on Alberta Clipper pipeline (KSFY) 3/5/17

Oklahoma Native American tribe sues energy companies for quake damage (Reuters) 3/3/17

Suppressed memo shows many failings in Corps review of Dakota Access plan (MinnPost) 3/2/17

Navajo Nation stands in opposition of easement granted to DAPL (Lake Powell Life) 3/2/17

Navajo leaders meet with US Dept. of the Interior to discuss the future of Navajo generating station (Native News Online) 3/2/17

Senate confirms Dakota Access ally to lead Energy Department (Indianz) 3/2/17

Native American tribes pressure feds on oil, gas drilling (Current-Argus) 3/1/17

St. Regis Mohawk Tribe adds voice to legal fight against Dakota Access Pipeline (Watertown Daily Times) 2/26/17

Indian Country joins legal push to block Dakota Access Pipeline (Indianz) 2/22/17

Army Corps to shut down Dakota Access protest camp. Activists 'have no choice but to continue the struggle' (LA Times) 2/22/17

35 Native American tribes file lawsuit against Energy Transfer Partners (White Wolf Pack) 2/22/17

Tribes look to Trump to save their coal plant (The Recorder) 2/20/17

Hearing on injunction against Dakota Access Pipeline moved to February 28 (Indianz) 2/17/17

Native Americans brace for impact as EPA undergoes changes (PBS) 2/17/17

Tribes threatened by climate change are afraid Trump will freeze them out (Buzzfeed) 2/17/17

Army Department formally cancels review of Dakota Access Pipeline (Indianz) 2/16/17

Judge denies request to halt Dakota Access pipeline work (Missouri Lawyers) 2/14/17

Native American tribes make new court filing to stop Dakota Access pipeline (Reading Eagle) 2/14/17

More tribes join effort to halt completion of Dakota Access Pipeline (Indianz) 2/13/17

Dakota Access ready to start transporting oil sooner than expected (Indianz) 2/13/17

The latest: challenge to pipeline finish to be heard Monday (Crookston Times) 2/10/17

Sioux Tribe asks court to block final link in Dakota Access (Bloomberg Markets) 2/9/17

US Army Corps of Engineers to grant easement for Dakota Access Pipeline (Reuters) 2/8/17

Red tape chokes off drilling on Native American reservations (North State Journal) 2/4/17

Proposed fine against Dakota Access company to get hearing (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) 2/3/17

DAPL moves forward (High Country News ) 2/1/17

Native Americans vow legal action after proposed suspension of DAPL environmental review (RT) 2/1/17

Army Corps told to allow pipeline (The Intelligencer) 2/1/17

Can Trump actually revive the Keystone and Dakota Access pipeline? (The Atlantic) 1/25/17

Trump pins Keystone, Dakota pipeline fate on renegotiation (Bloomberg) 1/24/17

Trump gives new life to Dakota Access, Keystone XL oil pipelines (Washington Post) 1/24/17

What happens after Standing Rock? (High Country News) 1/23/17

Department of the Army takes the lead on Dakota Access Pipeline (Indianz) 1/18/17

Navajo Nation is appalled by the U.S. EPA decision not to accept responsibility for Gold King spill (Native News Online) 1/17/17

EPA announces $2 million to assist tribe's brownfields efforts (W&WD) 1/16/17

State court rules against plans for big Grays Harbor oil terminal (Seattle Times) 1/12/17

Tribe wants pipeline off its land (Journal Sentinel) 1/10/17

Native Americans fight Texas pipeline using 'same model as Standing Rock' (The Guardian) 1/09/17

Northern Wisconsin tribe wants Enbridge to remove pipeline from reservation (Wisconsin Public Radio) 1/06/17

OPINION: Bering Sea protection a boon to Alaskans (Homer Tribune) 1/05/17

North Dakota governor warns pipeline protesters of possible March flooding (MSN) 1/03/17


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