2018 Culture and Tradition News Stories

Acoma Pueblo celebrates return of cultural items (Albuquerque Journal) 12/19/18

United States Mint unveils 2019 Native American $1 coin reverse design (CoinWeek) 12/11/18

Tribes and organizations seek respect for cultural and sacred items (Indianz) 12/6/18

Tribal Council funds identification survey of fluent Cherokee speakers (Native News Online) 11/15/18

Christopher Columbus statue to be removed from Grand Park in Los Angeles on Saturday (Native News Online) 11/9/18

Hoeven to serve as Honorary Member of National Native American Veterans Memorial Committee (U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs) 11/8/18

Nintendo says it will remove racist Native American animation from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Kotaku) 11/7/18

In 1868, two nations made a treaty, the U.S. broke it and plains Indian tribes are still seeking justice (Smithsonian.com) 11/7/18

Navy celebrates American Indian and Alaska Native heritage contributions (The Lemoore Navy News) 11/2/18

Protestors call for end to 'hottie' Native American costumes based on stereotypes (Cronkite News) 10/25/18

This PBS docuseries will show a pre-Columbus 'Native America' (Colorado Public Radio) 10/23/18

Tribe outlines plans for $32 million Santa Ynez Chumash Museum and Cultural center (Edhat Santa Barbara) 10/23/18

2021 Native American $1 coin candidate designs unveiled (CoinNews.Net) 10/23/18

Pearce introduces bill to protext New Mexico cultural heritage (U.S. Congressman Steve Pearce) 10/19/18 (See 115th Congress H.R.7075)

'We are breathing life into our culture': Native youth carry on traditions (Indianz) 10/17/18

Chief mascot replacement talks on (MY SA) 10/16/18

Here's why cities are replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day (Circa) 10/8/18

Lake County Forest Preserve museum returns Native American remains for burial (Lake County News-Sun) 9/25/18

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe launches historical marker project (Native News Online) 9/21/18

Breaking a sacred trust: On the exploitation of traditional Native knowledge (Pacific Standard) 9/20/18

Native American activists continue their fight against Redskins team name (The Washington Post) 9/17/18

Native American bones will be turned over to Tribes (U.S. News) 9/14/18

San Francisco to remove divisive Native American statue after decades-long push from activists (The Hill) 9/13/18

Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe decries desecration of human skull (Indianz) 9/10/18

Report confirms big market for sale of tribal cultural property (Indianz) 9/5/18

Native American farmers plan moves to global market (The Journal) 9/1/18

Leading national civil rights and racial justice organizations oppose Washington NFL team moving to D.C. (Native News Online) 8/25/18

Senate Committe hears from Cherokee Immersion School grad on importance of Native languages (Public Radio Tulsa)

Native language revitalization focus in Senate Committee (U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski) 8/22/18

Groups to discuss Vatican edicts' impact on Native Americans (Daily Journal) 8/18/18

Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of Louisiana receives grant to assist with revitalization of Tunica language (KALB) 8/13/18

OAS forum highlights advances and challenges in rights of Indigenous peoples (OAS Media Center) 8/10/18

Cherokee scientist Mary Ross finally gains widespread attention (Indianz) 8/9/18

Senators Murray, Cantwell and Representative Heck introduce resolution to recognize Tribal Canoe Journey (U.S. Senatory Patty Murray) 7/26/18 (See 115th Congress H.Res.1037)

Tribe presents giant bear totem with hope for unity, Bears Ears restoration (Deseret News Utah) 7/19/18

We are not Pocahontas (High Country News) 7/13/18

'Love is in there too': Reviving tribal traditions for newborns (Indianz) 7/11/18

Abenaki celebrate culture near historical mural that left them out (VT Digger) 7/9/18

Native Americans call for Yellowstone to rename locations (Now This News) 7/6/18

From Congress to Facebook, study shows strong misconceptions about Indigenous people (KUNC) 7/3/18

How to disrupt negative narratives in Indian Country (High Country News) 6/29/18

Indigenous knowledge databases: Is it something to be concerned about? (Intellectual Property Watch) 6/28/18

Laura Ingalls Wilder's name stripped from book award over 'Little House' depictions of Native Americans (The Seattle Times) 6/25/18

Ancient Native American returned to resting place on San Miguel Island (Lompoc Record) 6/16/18

Army to return remains of American Indian boy who died at government-run boarding school (The Salt Lake Tribune) 6/14/18

Feature- American Indians fear US-Mexico border wall will destroy ancient culture (Reuters) 6/12/18

Oregon tribe welcomes return of artifacts from British museum (OPB) 6/5/18

Why Native remains are treated like collector's items (High Country News) 6/1/18

Navajo women struggle to preserve traditions as climate change intensifies (PRI) 5/25/18

International Indian Treaty Council joins battle to remove San Francisco's "Early Days Monument" (Native News Online) 5/29/18

Why the very first treaty between the United States and a Native people still resonates today (Smithsonian Magazine) 5/24/18

Tribal items still going up for sale as lawmakers advance STOP Act (Indianz) 5/17/18 (See 115th Congress S.1400)

Museum in Germany returns items stolen from Native graves in Alaska (Indianz) 5/17/18

Listen: Talking Native arts & culture (Oregon ArtsWatch) 5/12/18

Navajo Nation to observe its first Navajo Police Officer Day (Albuquerque Journal) 5/11/18

Yes! Magazine: Miami Nation ensures Myaamia language is alive and thriving (Indianz) 5/10/18

Winnebago Tribe works to revitalize Ho-Chunk language for future generations (Indianz) 5/10/18

Indian Country Today's new editor Mark Trahant on the future of Native journalism (Alaska Public Media) 5/9/18

Anonymous buyer pays $40k and returns sacred pipe to tribe (Native News Online) 5/8/18

Tomahawk chops and Native American mascots: In Europe, teams don't see a problem (The New York Times) 5/7/18

Few fines under Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (Indianz) 5/7/18

Govenor vetoes bill recognizing Oklahoma Native American Day (Tahlequah Daily Press) 5/4/18

Indian Country after year one of the Trump administration (JD Supra) 5/3/18

Native American photographers unite to challenge inaccurate narratives (New York Times) 5/1/18

California man indicted for selling fake Native American jewelry (Alamogordo Daily News) 4/30/18

Remembering Native American lynching victims (VOA) 4/25/18

Indigenous remains do not belong to science (Scientific American) 4/25/18

Chippewa Cree Tribe breaks ground on youth-driven skate park on reservation (Indianz) 4/23/18

Chelsey Luger: Whose Native lands are you on? A new app can tell you (Indianz) 4/17/18

House committee sets markup on bill to protect Alaska Native artists (Indianz) 4/16/18 (See 115th Congress H.R.4069)

Film set on Pine Ridge Reservation already called one of the year's best (Indianz) 4/12/18

Indigenous knowledge is critical to understanding climate change (The Seattle Times) 4/10/18

As Cleveland Indians prepare to part with Chief Wahoo, tensions reignite (The New York Times) 4/9/18

Arizona enacts Native American Day, renames highways (Native News online) 4/8/18

Former Sentor Akaka, first Native Hawaiian in Senate, dies at 93 (The New York Times) 4/6/18

First it was Confederate monuments. Now statues offensive to Native Americans are poised to topple across the U.S. (Los Angeles Times) 4/1/18

Reckoning with the "Native Harvey Weinstens" (Investigate West) 3/30/18

Senators Udall and Murkowski introduce legislation honoring Native women (U.S. Senator Tom Udall) 3/29/18 (See 115th Congress S.Res.444)

Eagle feathers, plumes at graduations now protected in law (U.S. News) 3/22/18

Battling stereotypes of Native Americans (The Harvard Gazette) 3/20/18

There's never been a Native American Congresswoman. That could change in 2018 (The New York Times) 3/19/18

Irish Prime Minister visits Choctaw Nation to thank them for famine donation made 171 years ago (Native News Online) 3/19/18

Biggest fake Native American art conspiracy revealed (National Geographic) 3/15/18

Monument honoring Virginia Native tribes awaits ceremony (The Washington Post) 3/6/18

Native Americans testify in favor of right to wear tribal regalia at public ceremonies (KMBZ) 3/6/18

Women's History Month: Remembering Zitkála-Šá (Red Bird) (Center for Indian Country Development) 3/6/18

City Council, Boulder Indigenous community strike agreement on ceremonial fires (Daily Camera) 3/5/18

San Fransico to remove 19th Century statue critics say degrades Native Americans (NPR) 3/5/18

Oscars see a bit of diversity on stage with Native presenter and performance (Indianz) 3/5/18

Colorado lawmakers asked to end Columbus Day...again (The Pubelo Chieftain) 3/1/18

7,000-year-old Native American burial site found underwater (National Geographic) 2/28/18

Cherokee actor Wes Studi selected as presenter for Oscar ceremony (Indianz) 2/28/18

It's official: Indian Country Today is back in business (Indian Country Today) 2/28/18

Changing the way we see Native America with photographer Matika Wilbur on Tuesday's Access Utah (Utah Public Radio) 2/27/18

Navajo leaders honor the significance of The Treaty of 1868 at National Musuem of The American Indian (Native News Online) 2/21/18

Native voices carry weight as schools debate 'Redskins' name (The Washington Post) 2/14/18

Native star Adam Beach will discuss acting and activism at UNO (Omaha GO) 2/14/18

These stunning portraits show what it's like to be a Two-Spirit Native American today (BuzzFeed) 2/14/18

Finalists present design concepts, share their vision for the National Native American Veterans Memorial (Native News Online) 2/8/18

Tribes seek to repatriate ancestral remains unconvered in Idaho (Indianz) 2/7/18

TSA commits to improve handling of Native American sacred objects (Morning Star) 2/7/18 (See Settlement Memo)

Tribes stand their ground for Gizzly Bears-and us (Counter Punch) 2/5/18 (See 115th Congress H.R.3894)

Native American student endorses bill establishing legal right to wear tribal regalia (CJ Online) 2/1/18

Native Americans uge Wells-Ogunquit schools to stop using 'false imagery' (Press Herald) 1/31/18

Native Actress Irene Bedard spearheads 2018 'Stop Disenrollment' campaign (Native News Online) 1/31/18

Bill would prohibit offensive Native American logos, terms at Arizona stadiums (AZ Central) 1/31/18

Cleveland baseball team removes racist logo from uniforms (Good Sports) 1/30/18

Native Americans fed up with asking Boulder's permission to hold ceremonies on 'stolen land' (Daily Camera) 1/29/18

Indian slavery once thrived in New Mexico. Latinos are finding family ties to it (The New York Times) 1/28/18

Hostiles- A modern Western for a bygone time and today (Native News Online) 1/27/18

Hawaii judge orders arrest of man who spoke Hawaiian langauge in court (UPI) 1/25/18

American Indians greeted with "No signs or costumes allowed" at public hearing (Native News Online) 1/25/18

San Francisco says goodbye to Columbus Day (Native News Online) 1/24/18

Jason Small: The digital divide grows day by day on our reservations (Indianz) 1/23/18

Finding a new voice for strong Native Americans (British Journal of Photography) 1/23/18

Probing paradoxes of Native Americans in pop culture (Smithsonian.com) 1/22/18

Fighting for Native Americans, in court and onstage (The New York Times) 1/17/18

Native American veterans will be honored with memorial on National Mall (Anchorage Daily News) 1/15/18

Cherokee Nation honors MLK while dealing with slavery issue (Los Angeles Times) 1/15/18

Coalition seeks testimonies from Navajo families about boarding school students (Farmington Daily Times) 1/13/18

American Indians in Minnesota relcaiming traditional tobacco (Star Tribune) 1/2/18


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