2022 Health & Welfare News Stories

Nooni Project aims to reclaim breastfeeding among tribes (Traverse City Record-Eagle) 6/18/22

Closure of veteran clinics across New Mexico opposed by Navajo Nation leaders (Indian Country Today) 6/10/22

Casey Family Programs honors 10 people from across the nation who are working to improve child and family well-being (Yahoo! Finance) 6/10/22

Ojibwe educator, Illinois Native organization granted $50,000 to further social justice work (Native News Online) 6/9/22

Tribal council awarded grant (The Mining Journal) 6/8/22

Walking where my grandmother walked: My journey to the Genoa US Indian Industrial School (Native News Online) 6/5/22

Oklahoma City Indian Clinic promotes LGBTQ+ health during Pride Month (Indian Country Today) 6/3/22

Connecticut codifies child welfare protections for Native American families in state law (The Imprint) 6/2/22

Leonard Peltier shares his Indian boarding school story (Native News Online) 6/1/22

Combining old and new: Aquaponics opens the door to Indigenous food security (Yes! Magazine) 5/31/22

Bridging the Indigenous digital divide (Traverse City Record-Eagle) 5/29/22

Some Tununak residents have been living without internet for over 3 months (Alaska Public Media) 5/27/22

Lakota nurse spotlights need for diversity (Navajo Times) 5/25/22

The Blackfeet Nation’s struggles underscore the fentanyl crisis on Native American reservations (Montana Public Radio) 5/24/22

Federal Indian boarding school system intentionally sought to destroy Native families (Native News Online) 5/22/22

Choctaw Nation declares May 'Foster Care Awareness Month' (Tahlequah Daily Press) 5/21/22

Class-action lawsuit says state is failing Alaska foster kids (Alaska Public Media) 5/20/22

StrongHearts Native Helpline publishes state reports on intimate partner violence impacting Native Americans and Alaska Natives (Native News Online) 5/20/22

U.S. Supreme Court Samuel Alito’s history of abortion differs from historians and Indigenous reproductive leaders (The NM Political Report) 5/20/22

The never-ending maze: Continued failure to protect Indigenous women from sexual violence in the USA (Amnesty International)

‘Metrics of economic well-being’ show Native Americans underserved (Indian Country Today) 5/13/22

Indigenous women on Roe v. Wade (Native News Online) 5/13/22

Data genocide, maternal mortality, and a return to tradition (Native News Online) 5/13/22

Here’s what a federal report says about the Native American boarding schools in Utah (The Salt Lake Tribune) 5/12/22

Native reproductive justice: Practices and policies from relinquishment to family preservation (Harvard Law Bill of Health) 5/12/22

Voices of Indian adoption (Harvard Law Bill of Health) 5/12/22

The Indian Child Welfare Act: Preserving families is in children's best interests (Harvard Law Bill of Health) 5/12/22

Census undercount threatens federal food, health programs on reservations (High Country News) 5/12/22

Ginnie Graham: Complicated landscape for tribal nations wanting to offer abortion safe haven (Tulsa World) 5/12/22

Chief Hoskin, Deputy Chief Warner announce $500 monthly transition stipend for Cherokee youth ‘aging out’ of foster system (Indian Country Today) 5/11/22

The Assistant Secretary releases Boarding School Report (Turtle Talk) 5/11/22

How a Lakota nurse uses trauma-informed care to help her community heal (Native News Online) 5/10/22

Montana must do more for Indigenous healthcare access (Flathead Beacon) 5/10/22

Tlingit and Haida partner with Native-owned company to develop new internet provider (Tribal Business News) 5/9/22

Cherokee Nation hires criminal investigator to work missing and murdered Indigenous people cases (KOSU) 5/6/22

Tribes awarded $77 million for internet infrastructure (Native News Online) 5/4/22

Adapting a zero suicide approach to Native communities (Medscape) 5/3/22

Supreme Court could halt access to safe abortions, Indigenous activists say (Indian Country Today) 5/3/22

Ńtsáhakees Silah’igii Baa ‘Áhayá - Navajo Nation Mental Health Awareness Month (Native News Online) 5/2/22

Researchers unearth the painful history of a Native boarding school in Missouri (PBS) 4/28/22

Health clinics serving Native Americans in cities grapple with limited funding, scare resources (Native News Online) 4/27/22

Despite federal infrastructure funds, many Navajo families waiting for utilities are in the dark (The Salt Lake Tribune) 4/27/22

Indian Health Service announces $5 million in funding for ending the HIV epidemic (Native News Online) 4/26/22

Addressing Technology Needs in Native Communities Workshop on May 3 and May 4 (Indian Country Today) 4/25/22

Young Native woman sounds alarm about safety in Indian Country (Indianz) 4/22/22

How blending Inuit knowledge and western science has helped improve polar bear health — and why a trade ban would hurt (The Conversation) 4/18/22

Ronnie Jo Horse: Ensure the health of our state's Native communities (The Missoulian) 4/17/22

Community members needed to help improve Minnesota child welfare policies and practices (Indian Country Today) 4/15/22

What will it take to end violence against Native women? (Boston Review) 4/13/22

Indian Health Service and Little Shell Tribe open new health center in Great Falls, Montana (Indian Country Today) 4/8/22

Oklahoma’s abortion bill & Indigenous impact (Indian Country Today) 4/6/22

Nationwide alert system created for missing Indigenous persons (Northwest Public Radio) 4/5/22

17-member tribal consortium aims big in Southwest Alaska broadband proposal (Tribal Business News) 4/4/22

For Lac du Flambeau, healing is remembering their boarding school experience (Native News Online) 3/28/22

FAQS for payments by Indian tribal governments and Alaska Native corporations to individuals under COVID-relief legislation (Turtle Talk) 3/30/33

OPINION: I fought for justice for 5 years after I was sexually assaulted. The work isn’t finished. (Anchorage Daily News) 3/28/22

Biden administration moves to make funding for Indian Health Service mandatory (The New York Times) 3/28/22

'You're going to know who my daughter was': Families demand justice for missing and murdered Indigenous women (KQED) 3/26/22

City of Nome to pay $750K and apologize for failure to investigate sexual assault against Native woman (Turtle Talk) 3/24/22

Recasting the narrative: RISE Center gives voice to Indigenous people in research, data collection (Tribal Business News) 3/21/22

Native WOLFE program bridges gaps in elder health with nutrition, exercise (Native News Online) 3/19/22

VAWA 2022 White House fact sheet (Turtle Talk) 3/17/22

Deb Haaland: Report on Indigenous boarding schools expected soon (Bangor Daily News) 3/16/22

Navajo Nation receives $8 million in federal funding for cancer treatment center (Native News Online) 3/14/22

Tribes see progress with Violence Against Women Act and more funding (Indianz) 3/14/22

Roselyn Tso nominated to serve as Director of Indian Health Service (Native News Online) 3/9/22

New Mexico adopts state ICWA law: Indian Family Preservation Act (IFPA) (Turtle Talk Blog) 3/7/22

Native American veterans encompass resilience, overcome health care challenges (Air Force Times) 3/7/22

Native-owned healthcare makes a difference in Alaska (Indian Country Today) 3/2/22

New legislation aimed at improving support for tribal foster youth (Lake County News) 3/1/22

Indian Health Service Rapid City Service Unit transfer to the tribally-managed Oyate Health Center (Indian Country Today) 2/28/22

Four national Native organizations statement of U.S. Supreme hearing challenge to ICWA (Native News Online) 2/28/22

Waš’ágya Nájiŋ/Grandmothers Group kicks off survey of grandparents taking care of grandchildren (West River Eagle) 2/24/22

The first answer for food insecurity: data sovereignty (The Counter) 2/23/22

New Mexico’s first Native family court points to success keeping kids in tribal communities (Youth Today) 2/21/22

Cultural adaptation of the mothers and babies intervention for use in tribal communities (Frontiers in Psychiatry) 2/17/22

Chief Seattle Club housing project rooted in Indigenous culture (Crosscut) 2/16/22

Rising health needs drives new Minnesota effort to draw Native students to medical school (Pine Journal) 2/15/22

‘A BIG DEAL:’ Tribal libraries qualify for discounted broadband after FCC updates eligibility rules (Tribal Business News) 2/14/22

Redefining community health: Diné get free boxes of N95 at mobile vaccine clinic (Navajo Times) 2/10/22

Aging well for Indigenous peoples: A scoping review (Frontiers in Public Health) 2/10/22

National Indigenous Women's Resource Center's statement in support of victim-survivors of sexual abuse & domestic violence (Native News Online) 2/10/22

Be mindful of children’s mental health amid COVID-19 (Indian Country Today) 2/7/22

New nursing degree brings Fort Lewis College, CU Anschutz together to teach Indigenous-focused health curriculum (Colorado Daily) 2/7/22

Indian Child Welfare Act passes house with bipartisan support (The Grant County Beat) 2/6/22

'It took an entire tribe to raise me' (The Santa Fe New Mexican) 2/5/22

Opioid settlement "historic for tribes," says Eastern Shoshone chairman (Wyoming Public Radio) 2/4/22

Tribal groups want to boost traditional diets in federal food aid (The Wichita Eagle) 2/4/22

A grassroots effort to regain food sovereignty (South Dakota Public Broadcasting) 2/4/22

How NAU is helping reduce health inequities among Indigenous populations (NAU News) 2/3/22

WA is working on an Amber Alert for missing Indigenous people (Crosscut) 2/3/22

Tribes reach $590 million opioid settlement with J.&J. and distributors (The New York Times) 2/1/22

Native News Online announces news desk dedicated to Native American health (Native News Online) 2/1/22

Increasing the supply of healthcare for Native Americans (Mercatus Center - George Mason University) 1/31/22

Tribes assume control of tribal healthcare (Lakota Times) 1/27/22

Navajo Nation hosts Human Trafficking Awareness Walk (KSL News Radio) 1/27/22

Hanna hired for ICWA cases (Lakota Times) 1/27/22

Tribal survey captures deepening food insecurity in Indian Country that federal data has missed (Wyoming Public Radio) 1/27/22

Native women face the highest rates of stalking, and it leads to 'missing and murdered' (Native News Online) 1/25/22

Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah celebrates new health care center, brings additional resources to Cedar City (The Salt Lake Tribune) 1/21/22

Quit Week provides an opportunity to give up smoking (Indian Country Today) 1/20/22

Reducing Native overrepresentation in jails (Indian Country Today) 1/19/22

South Dakota Indigenous community ‘disproportionately’ affected by COVID-19 (Siouxland Proud) 1/19/22

Facing rising COVID-19 case numbers, the Navajo Nation issues new tribal public health orders (The Durango Herald) 1/17/22

'The clinic, it's going to be the heart of it all' (High Country News) 1/17/22

NM’s ICWA proposal born of tribes, Pueblos, nations (Navajo Times) 1/17/22

Forced adoptions to promote assimilation decimated Indigenous families, left deep scars (The Oregonian) 1/16/22

Vicious circle: Tribal broadband program hindered by lack of broadband (Indianz) 1/14/22

Year after lawmakers ordered it, still no liaison for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons (South Dakota Public Broadcasting) 1/12/22

Churches starting to face facts on boarding schools (Indian Country Today) 1/10/22

IllumiNative launches 'Aunties with Antibodies' series to promote COVID-19 vaccinations (Native News Online) 1/6/22

Senators push act that seeks justice for Native survivors of sexual violence (Mille Lacs Messenger) 1/6/22

As tribes wait for investigation to conclude, debate over Indian schools continues (Cronkite News Arizona PBS) 1/5/22

Alert system proposed for missing Indigenous women (Native News Online) 1/4/22

New report examines health disparities among Indigenous peoples in NYC (Native News Online) 1/3/22

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