Frequency of Updates: Research is performed each business day to identify new articles. Every week, the bulletin will be replaced with new news stories. Email alerts will be sent out on the same day as new information is published to the web site. All older information will be stored in the bulletin archives.

Selection Policy & Process: The National Indian Law Library (NILL) endeavors to retrieve important articles which deal with a federal Indian law issue. (By "Indian law" we mean materials that deal with the "status of the Indian tribes and their special relationship to the federal government, with all the attendant consequences for the tribes and their members, the states and their citizens, and the federal government" as defined by Judge William Canby, Jr., a well-respected Indian law scholar (Canby, William C., Jr. American Indian Law in a Nutshell, 3rd ed. St. Paul, Minn: West Group, 1998).)

We locate stories using the Llesiant news service as well as the Google News Alert service. We also monitor the following web sites to locate identify new Indian law articles. These web sites may not contain all articles and the research strategy may not identify every article in the web sites. During this process, the non-attorney library staff uses its judgment as to which articles should be included in the bulletin. Therefore, this bulletin should not be considered an exhaustive list of articles, should not substitute for independent research and does not constitute legal advice.

The priority for article selection relates to the Native American Rights Fund mission/priorities

Articles involving Native Americans but not related to Indian law are generally excluded.

Sources of Information: We monitor the following web sites to locate relevant articles:

Researchers: Erik Zurinskas, Library Technician; Michael Mason, volunteer and David Selden, M.L.S., Law Librarian for the National Indian Law Library (NILL)

Searching & Browsing Tips: Articles are listed in reverse chronological order by topic. Topics are arranged alphabetically. Only the current week's list of articles will appear on the "current" bulletin. All other article citations can be located on the "../archives" page. Monthly, annual and multi-year archives will be developed in the future, and basic search features will be added. Article links in the archives may not work or may require registration and/or payment for access.

Persistent Links: We understand that the links to the full-text articles may not remain persistent or operational over time. We do not remove the articles with broken links as the stories are often available from other news databases available on the Internet or via public libraries. Contact the National Indian Law Library if you need help fidning a copy of an article for which the link is broken.

Indexing: Articles are indexed under broad topics by the, NILL Library Technician.

Archiving: Aannual, archives are available.