Colo. Rev. Stat. § 24-60-1803
Colorado Revised Statutes
Title 24. Government--State
Interstate Compacts and Agreements
  Article 60. Interstate Compacts and Agreements
  Part 18. Interstate Compact on Placement of Children

§ 24-60-1803. Additional provisions and definitions
(1) Financial responsibility for any child placed pursuant to the provisions of the compact shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of article V thereof in the first instance. However, in the event of partial or complete default of performance thereunder, the provisions of any other applicable laws may be invoked.
(2) As used in article III of the compact, "appropriate public authorities" means the department of human services, and said department shall receive and act with reference to notices required by said article III.
(3) As used in article V(a) of the compact, "appropriate authority in the receiving state" means the department of human services.
(4) The officers and agencies of this state and its subdivisions having authority to place children are hereby empowered to enter into agreements with appropriate officers of agencies of or in other party states pursuant to article V(b) of the compact. Any such agreement which contains a financial commitment or imposes a financial obligation on this state or subdivision, or any agency thereof, shall not be binding unless it has the approval in writing of the controller in the case of the state and of the chief local fiscal officer in the case of a subdivision of the state.
(5) Any court having jurisdiction to place delinquent children may place such a child in an institution in another state pursuant to article VI of the compact and shall retain jurisdiction as provided in article V thereof.
(6) As used in article VII of the compact, "executive head" means the governor. The governor is hereby authorized to appoint a compact administrator in accordance with the terms of said article VII.
(7) Notwithstanding the provisions of article VI of the compact, notice of the proceeding set forth therein shall also be given to the legal custodian of the child and to any other person by law entitled to such notice.
(8) Nothing in the compact shall be construed to terminate the jurisdiction of the courts and agencies of Colorado over children at an earlier age than is otherwise provided by the applicable laws of this state. Except where an applicable statute fixes another age for the termination of minority, such age, for purposes of application of the compact, shall be twenty-one years.