Ia. St. Juv. P. § 232B.12

Iowa Code

Title VI. Human Services

Subtitle 5. Juveniles

Chapter 232B. Indian Child Welfare Act

232B.12. Payment of foster care expenses

1. If the department of human services has legal custody of an Indian child and that child is placed in foster care according to the placement preferences under section 232B.9 the state shall pay, subject to any applicable federal funding limitations and requirements, the cost of the foster care in the manner and to the same extent the state pays for foster care of non-Indian children, including the administrative and training costs associated with the placement. In addition, the state shall pay the other costs related to the foster care placement of an Indian child as may be provided for in an agreement entered into between a tribe and the state.

2. The department of human services may, subject to any applicable federal funding limitations and requirements and within funds appropriated for foster care services, purchase care for Indian children who are in the custody of a federally recognized Indian tribe or tribally licensed child-placing agency pursuant to parental consent, tribal court order, or state court order; and the purchase of the care is subject to the same eligibility standards and rates of support applicable to other children for whom the department purchases care.


Added by Acts 2003 (80 G.A.) ch. 153, § 13.