Ia. St. Juv. P. § 232B.2

Iowa Code

Title VI. Human Services

Subtitle 5. Juveniles

Chapter 232B. Indian Child Welfare Act

232B.2. Purpose--policy of state

The purpose of the Iowa Indian child welfare Act is to clarify state policies and procedures regarding implementation of the federal Indian Child Welfare Act, Pub. L. No. 95-608, as codified in 25 U.S.C. ch. 21. It is the policy of the state to cooperate fully with Indian tribes and tribal citizens in Iowa in order to ensure that the intent and provisions of the federal Indian Child Welfare Act are enforced. This cooperation includes recognition by the state that Indian tribes have a continuing and compelling governmental interest in an Indian child whether or not the child is in the physical or legal custody of an Indian parent, Indian custodian, or an Indian extended family member at the commencement of a child custody proceeding or the child has resided or domiciled on an Indian reservation. The state is committed to protecting the essential tribal relations and best interest of an Indian child by promoting practices, in accordance with the federal Indian Child Welfare Act and other applicable law, designed to prevent the child's voluntary or involuntary out-of-home placement and, whenever such placement is necessary or ordered, by placing the child, whenever possible, in a foster home, adoptive home, or other type of custodial placement that reflects the unique values of the child's tribal culture and is best able to assist the child in establishing, developing, and maintaining a political, cultural, and social relationship with the child's tribe and tribal community.


Added by Acts 2003 (80 G.A.) ch. 153, § 3.