Minn. Stat. § 260.785

Minnesota Statutes

Public Welfare and Related Activities (Ch. 245-267)

Chapter 260. Juveniles

Minnesota Indian Preservation Act

260.785. Indian child welfare grants

Subdivision 1. Primary support grants. The commissioner shall establish direct grants to Indian tribes, Indian organizations, and tribal social services agency programs located off-reservation that serve Indian children and their families to provide primary support for Indian child welfare programs to implement the Indian Family Preservation Act.

Subd. 2. Special focus grants. The commissioner shall establish direct grants to local social services agencies, tribes, Indian organizations, and other organizations for placement prevention and family reunification services for Indian children.

Subd. 3. Compliance grants. The commissioner shall establish direct grants to an Indian child welfare defense corporation, as defined in section 611.216, subdivision 1a, to promote statewide compliance with the Indian Family Preservation Act [FN1] and the Indian Child Welfare Act, United States Code, title 25, section 1901, et seq. The commissioner shall give priority consideration to applicants with demonstrated capability of providing legal advocacy services statewide.

Subd. 4. Request for proposals. The commissioner shall request proposals for grants under subdivisions 1, 2, and 3, and specify the information and criteria required.


Laws 1999, c. 139, art. 1, § 9.

[FN1] M.S.A. §§ 260.751 to 260.835.