Indian Law Reporter: Tribal Court Cases Index

Current through Volume 40, No. 12: December 2013

Last updated: 2018 [ILR ceased publication with vol. 40]

The Indian Law Reporter (ILR) is a publication of the American Indian Lawyer Training Program. While each volume has its own subject index, the publisher does not provide a cumulative index to all of the volumes. Because it is cumbersome to search each year's index separately, the National Indian Law Library (NILL) created this cumulative index of only the tribal court opinions for all volumes of the ILR. For more information on how to research tribal court opinions, please see the National Indian Law Library's guide to Tribal Court Opinion Research.

Below is a subject index to all of the tribal court cases in the Indian Law Reporter. (Please note that the Indian Law Reporter did not include tribal court cases until volume ten.)  The top-tier subject terms were developed by NILL to reflect and capture the subject headings of the publishers of the ILR. This index was compiled with the help of volunteers and work study students. Although they worked with care, errors might exist. Please advise the NILL staff if any errors are found.

The full text of the Indian Law Reporter is available online with a subscription to HeinOnline's Indigenous Peoples of the Americas: History, Culture & Law.

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Attorney Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Civil Litigation

Civil Rights

Commercial, Banking, and Corporate Law

Contracts Law

Criminal Law

Customs, Traditions, History, and Culture

Cyberspace and Telecommunications Law


Enrollment and Tribal Membership

Environmental and Natural Resources Management Law

Family Law

Federal  Tribal Relations and Intergovernmental Law


Health and Safety

Housing, Utilities, and Zoning

Injury and Tort Law

Jurisdiction and Procedure


Labor and Employment



Traffic / Motor Vehicle

Tribal Courts

Tribal Government and Administration

Tribal Lands

Tribal Law

Tribal Sovereignty and Sovereign Immunity

Wills, Trusts, Estates and Probate