Approved Ordinances for the Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone

Last amended: 2003

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Table of Contents

Liquor Ordinance - 82-ORD-TM-01 Amended by 82-ORD-TM-03

Water Pollution Ordinance - 98-ORD-TM-O1

Domestic Violence - 96-ORD-TM-01

Involuntary Commitment Procedures - 96-ORD-TM-02

Children's Welfare Ordinance - 96-ORD-TM-03

Election Procedures - 03-ORD-TM-01

Battle Mountain Band Council Utilities - 94-ORD-TM-01

Curfew Procedures - 93-ORD-TM-01

Exemptions From Nevada Fuel Taxes - 01-ORD-TM-01

Fuel Reimbursement for Battle Mountain Tribal Members - Gas Tax Ordinance - 93-ORD-TM-02

Gaming Ordinance - 93-ORD-TM-03

Battle Mountain Band Council Sales and Use Taxes - 91-ORD-TM-01

Wells Band Council Sales and Use Taxes - 91-ORD-TM-02

Elko Band Council Sales and Use Taxes - 91-ORD-TM-03

Settlement Agreement and Stipulation / Privilege Tax

Disposal and Littering - 87-ORD-TM-01

General Provisions - 87-ORD-TM-02

Tribal Court - 87-ORD-TM-03

South Fork Standard Land Assignment Ordinance - 87-ORD-TM-04

Dog Ordinance - 87-ORD-TM-05

Tobacco Taxation Ordinance - 87-ORD-TM-06

Motor Vehicle Ordinance - 86-ORD-TM-01

South Fork Land Usage Ordinance - 86-ORD-TM-02

Protective Custody Ordinance - 86-ORD-TM-04

Apportionment Ordinance - 83-ORD-TM-01

Narcotics Ordinance - 83-ORD-TM-04

Toxic Vapors Ordinance - 83-ORD-TM-05

Fence and Gate Ordinance - 83-ORD-TM-06

Recall and Impeachment Ordinance - 81-TM-ORD-02

Standard Homesite Assignments Ordinance

Note: Ordinances are listed in the order that they appear in the physical copy of this document.