Heather Kendall-Miller, daughter Ruth, and husband Lloyd read Alaska Legislature’s citation honoring Heather at the AFN Convention. Photo credit: Geri Simon and Alaska Dispatch News.

Last week at the Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) Annual Convention, the Alaska State Legislature honored the professional life and work of NARF Staff Attorney Heather Kendall-Miller, the most senior attorney in NARF’s Alaska office.  “A lifelong Alaskan, Heather has devoted herself to protecting Native rights in Alaska and nationwide.  We are proud to recognize Heather Kendall-Miller’s main achievements and contributions to our state.”

The Legislature recognized Heather’s work on the Venetie case, which she argued in front of the United States Supreme Court, and her tireless efforts on the Katie John litigation, “winning the right for Ms. John and other Alaska Native subsistence users to fish at their traditional locations after decades of regulatory prohibitions.”  The Katie John litigation “continues to have enormous implications for Alaska and its Native populations, as Alaska Native people seek to maintain their subsistence way of life in the face of increasing competition and regulatory burdens.”

The Legislature went on to state that Heather “has worked on cases for communities across Alaska, covering such diverse topics as tribal sovereignty and jurisdiction, child welfare protection, language preservation, subsistence hunting and fishing rights, land rights, and the impact of global warming on coastal villages, and earning a host of prestigious “ state and national awards.  “The Twenty-eighth Alaska State Legislature offers gratitude to Heather Kendall-Miller for her unwavering dedication to Alaska and her peoples.”

Congratulations, Heather!

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