D. Cordalis, R. Anderson with Katie John, N. Landreth
Pictured L to R: D. Cordalis, Katie John with R. Anderson, N. Landreth

We wish to extend congratulations to the NARF alumni who recently were called upon to serve in the incoming Biden administration.

Congratulations to former NARF Staff Attorney Robert Anderson (Bois Forte Band) who was announced this week as the new Principal Deputy Solicitor at the Department of the Interior.
Bob Anderson is known as an accomplished law professor. He has directed the Native American Law Center at the University of Washington School of Law for the last 20 years, during which time he also acted as the Oneida Indian Nation Visiting Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. However, Bob began his career as a NARF staff attorney where he was integral in establishing our Alaska office in 1984.

Congratulations to former NARF Staff Attorney Natalie Landreth (Chickasaw) who, after 17 years at NARF’s Alaska office, moves on to her new appointment as Deputy Solicitor for Land at the Department of Interior.

Read the full announcement for Bob and Natalie at https://www.doi.gov/pressreleases/interior-department-announces-additional-members-leadership-team

Congratulations to former NARF law clerk Daniel Cordalis (Diné) on his recent Department of the Interior appointment as Deputy Solicitor for Water!

See the full announcement for Daniel at https://www.doi.gov/pressreleases/interior-department-welcomes-newest-members-leadership-team

NARF attorneys engage in a vast breadth of law and a broad base of experiences as they fight for the culture and lifeways of our tribal clients. This experience and knowledge can be highly valued as critical components and skills for presidential administrations that need smart, humble, and knowledgeable people who will serve all Americans.

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