The Hualapai Indian Tribe of Arizona is located on the south rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona and claims a boundary that runs to the center of the Colorado River. NARF represents the Hualapai in preparing and submitting five applications for the transfer into trust status of eight parcels of land owned in fee by the tribe.

The applications have been submitted to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Two (2) new parcels were taken into trust in September 2018, and after a long delay (in 2017 the Acting Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs withdrew authority from BIA Regional Directors to approve off-reservation fee-to-trust applications and placed that authority with the Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs) another parcel was approved to be taken into trust on October 4, 2021. Another parcel is nearing the final stages of approval, but BIA requires updated paperwork before the Final Title Opinion can be requested. BIA is working to schedule site visits for the other parcels. Recent progress on this matter, which was slowed significantly by the COVID-19 pandemic, makes us hopeful that work might be completed soon.

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