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Indigenous peacemaking is a community-directed conflict resolution process that addresses the concerns of all interested parties. The peacemaking process uses traditional rituals such as the group circle and clan structures to involve the parties to a conflict, their supporters, elder and interested community members. Within the circle, people can speak from the heart in a shared search for understanding of the conflict, and together identify the steps necessary to assist in healing all affected parties and to prevent future occurrences and conflicts. The mission of NARF’s Indigenous Peacemaking Initiative (IPI) is to promote and support Native peoples in restoring sustainable traditional dispute resolution practices. Based on surveys of tribal justice system professionals, our priorities are: (1) making available materials from tribal peacemaking efforts and peacemaking in general; (2) providing technical assistance to tribes; (3) providing trainings in tribal peacemaking; and (4) providing advocacy supporting tribal peacemaking. The project is guided by an advisory committee of traditional peacemaking experts and practitioners.

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