BOULDER, CO – NARF has released a new short documentary “Modern Day Warriors.” The 18-minute film covers the rise of the Native American rights and tribal sovereignty movement from the 1960’s to present day. NARF has released the film in honor of Native American Heritage Month in November.

“Modern Day Warriors” contains powerful historic footage and interviews pertaining to some of the landmark moments for Native rights and tribal sovereignty over the last 40 years. Past and present tribal leaders and NARF attorneys also provide insight on some of the greatest legal and political challenges still facing Indian Country in the 21st Century. The film includes coverage on legal challenges faced by Native peoples pertaining to termination, treaty rights, American Indian religious freedom, trust fund mismanagement and global warming.

“NARF was borne out of this remarkable era of direct action and social political change,” explained Executive Director John Echohawk. “For more than 38 years, NARF has served on the frontlines with tribes and Native peoples all across the country in some of the most significant battles to achieve justice for Native Americans and to defend tribal sovereignty. This film is an important tool to not only educate the public about the history of the Native American rights movement but to also raise awareness that these struggles for justice are far from over,” Echohawk added.

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