Please join us on Wednesday, June 20, 2012, on NARF’s front lawn beginning at 7:00 am for a sunrise ceremony for the protection of Native American sacred places.  The program and prayer service will last about one hour and will be followed by a potluck breakfast.  Community members have been invited to speak, as well as other NARF staff.  Speakers will be followed by a moment of silence to show concern for the sacred places that are being damaged and destroyed today.
In the United States, Native Americans are more closely tied to the land than any other group, yet the increasing exploitation of natural resources and population expansion has caused previously undisturbed tribal sacred places to become vulnerable to destruction.  For example, this photo shows NARF Board Member Mark Macarro who has worked to protect one of his Tribe’s most sacred sites from the development of a rock quarry.
As part of its mission, NARF has long advocated for sacred site protection, religious freedom efforts, and cultural rights.  Recently, NARF’s Board of Directors has asked us to expand our efforts to protect lands that are sacred and precious to Native Americans.  Please show your solidarity for the protection of sacred places by joining us for the June 20 program.  NARF requests that you bring food and/or beverages to share at the completion of the program.
If you have any questions please contact Rose Cuny at (303) 447-8760.  Please join us! 
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