Last week, NARF Staff Attorney Joel West Williams presented on a voting rights panel for the National Consortium for Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts, hosted by the Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission.  Along with attorneys from LatinoJustice (PRLDEF), NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and Common Cause, Joel discussed the history of Native American disenfranchisement and the many barriers faced by Native voters across the country. NARF has been working to improve several persistent areas of concern, including language assistance, voter ID, and access to registration and polling locations, which continue to impair the ability of Native Americans to vote.

L to R: Leah Aden, NAACP Legal Defense Fund; Unknown; Juan Cartegena, LatinoJustice; Hon. Jenny Rivera, Assoc. Judge, Court of Appeals of NY; Susan Lerner, Common Cause; Linda Dunlap-Miller, Commissioner, Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission; NARF Staff Attorney Joel West Williams

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