Tribal Constitution Handbook - front cover

This handbook has been compiled to assist a tribe in reviewing and revising its constitution (and bylaws) or in drafting its first constitution.

For each article, the handbook presents information and ideas for a tribe to consider so it can make informed decisions. Based upon such considerations, a tribe can identify existing sections of its constitution (and bylaws) needing revision and/or consider a suggested provision in its new constitution, proceed to revise old sections or tailor the language in its new constitution, and coordinate them into a complete document for public comment by its tribal members.

It also gives examples for each article from a variety of tribal constitutions to present a comprehensive view of possibilities, to present information on tribal government, to summarize information, and to present information generally on tribal constitutions.

Published: 2011

 ISBN: 978-0-97940-990-5 Pages: 421 Publication Date: 2011

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