Last week, NARF Staff Attorney Brett Lee Shelton presented on NARF’s boarding school work at the Summer Research Training Institute for American Indian and Alaska Native Health Professionals.  The title of Brett’s talk was “Federal Indian Boarding Schools—Lasting Implications for Health,” and he focused on the federal Indian Boarding School policy’s major impacts on the health of American Indian and Alaska Native individuals, families, and communities, which continue to be felt today.  However, he explained, major impacts also imply opportunities for major healing, and the time to focus on turning back towards redeveloping health in our own lives, families, and communities has come.

Interested in learning more?  View our recent issue of the NARF Legal Review, which provides an overview of the history of the boarding school era and outlines NARF’s efforts to secure justice and healing for the multi-generational victims.

Flyer for June 19 presentation
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