During times of crisis, you see the rise of policies that would not normally be popular. Policies that restrict civil liberties or overlook human rights gain traction based on fear and efforts to prioritize dwindling profits. At times when we are distracted, afraid, and uncertain—our rights are most at risk.

Donate Now buttonThis is when it is essential to be vigilant. Right now, we must guard against actions that restrict civil liberties or sacrifice our most vulnerable communities due to short-sightedness or a desire for expedient action. As we work together for our own safety and well-being, it is a priority to protect the most vulnerable in our communities. Please make a gift today and stand strong during this crisis.

Photo of dirt road leading to sunlit mountains in distance
Photo by Isaac Quesada (https://unsplash.com/@isaacquesada).

Since the onset of COVID-19 , we have been incredibly busy fighting on behalf of the tribes and Native communities affected by the pandemic. Protecting voting rights for people who live on reservations and can’t receive ballots by mail, advocating for Native communities who stand no chance of being counted without US Census outreach, fighting to protect the Congressional funding intended for federally recognized tribes, and fighting tooth and nail to keep profitable but unnecessary construction and “man camps,” (with their crowded conditions and transient populations) away from vulnerable rural Native communities.

You can help. Give a gift today to help protect the rights of tribes and Native American communities who are fighting to keep their lands and people safe. Tribes are fighting in the courts and in the capitols to make sure that their people aren’t ignored or underserved… again. Together we stand strong against the ongoing challenges that we face in the pandemic age.


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