NARF Co-Sponsors a 2007 Regional Conference: Why We Can’t Wait: Reversing the Retreat on Civil Rights.

The 1980s in the United States marked the beginningof what some have called the “rollback” period in civil rights. Through a series of decisions in key areas of the law such as educational equality, employment discrimination, disability rights, environmental justice and sexual harassment, the federal courts have limited the ability of people to file and win civil rights cases by restricting access to courts and eroding remedies for practices that discriminate against racial and ethnic minorities,women, older Americans, and persons with disabilities.

This conference, Why We Can’t Wait: Reversing the Retreat on Civil Rights, is an effort to educate, raise awareness and build alliances to protect and preserve equal justice, fairness, and opportunity and to make sure our laws are in step with the country we want for ourselves and for future generations.

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