Since 1991, the Native American Rights Fund and the Western States Water Council (WSWC) have sponsored a biennial symposium to discuss the settlement of Indian reserved water rights claims.

Flyer for the 2021 water symposium

August 24-25, 2021
(hosted virtually)

While the symposium is being held virtually, you must register in advance and pay the registration fee to join the meeting. The registration fee to attend one or both days is $60 through Monday, August 16; thereafter the fee will increase to $100.  For any questions regarding registration, please contact Julie Groat at

For those attending, please complete: Zoom Webinar Registration

Download the draft agenda for the 2021 symposium →

NARF and the WSWC will cosponsor a symposium on the settlement of Indian reserved water rights claims on August 24-25, 2021. A number of topics will be addressed by experts and participants regarding completed and ongoing negotiated settlements.

Due to COVID19 travel restrictions and concerns, the symposium will be hosted virtually. Our abbreviated agenda will include presenters who have been involved in negotiated settlements representing tribal, state, local, and federal governments, interest groups, congressional staff, and others.

Continuing Legal Education Credits in Colorado and Utah will be available for lawyers who attend.

(Materials from past conferences are available on the National Indian Law Library website.)


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  • Join me on August 24th & 25th at the 17th Biennial Symposium on the Settlement of Indian Reserved Water Rights claims cosponsored by the Western States Water Council (WSWC) and Native American Rights Fund (NARF)! Register here:



  • Water in the West is an increasingly scare and precious resource. The 2021 Water Symposium works to acknowledge tribal water rights to ensure that communities have an adequate, secure, and sustainable supply of water to support a suitable quality of life. Learn more about the work that the Western States Water Council (WSWC) and Native American Rights Fund (NARF) does and register for the August 24th & 25th symposium here:



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